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Specializing in Medical Malpractice Law — Plaintiffs

We’ve selected six Lawyers of the Year for portraits and asked them to share a favorite quotation and to tell us why they love what they do. These profiles appeared along with Woodward/White’s annual Best Lawyers in America list, as published in our November issue.

Why Do You Love What You Do? I get to help people harmed by other people’s negligence and hold the people or organizations causing that harm accountable for doing so. Sometimes I make systemic change while helping my clients, which is even more rewarding. I brought suit against a New Hampshire methadone clinic several times. That clinic was nationally operated and corporately owned. After my cases concluded, the new operations manager for the parent clinic contacted me, and informed me that they did a “cleaning house” of their clinics nationwide. They even limited the scope of operations of their clinics in two states and shut down the operation of their clinics in another. They did this because of the evidence we discovered in our clients’ cases, showing how these clinics were egregiously mismanaged, blatantly disregarding state and federal regulations, completely lacking in oversight, and failing to appropriately treat their patients. We can effectuate change in New Hampshire and nationwide.

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”
— Albert Einstein

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