Family and Fashion Abound at Bella Funk Boutique

This upscale boutique brings a variety of high-end denim and leather options to the Granite State

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Bella Funk is an upscale clothing boutique with a vintage, bohemian vibe in Littleton, New Hampshire. Owned by two sisters, the boutique offers beautifully crafted dresses, denim, jewelry, footwear and women’s clothing.

We reached out to Bella Funk Boutique co-owner Katie Stafford to learn more about this unique shopping experience.

Tell us about the history of your store.
Katie: “My sister Stephanie and I opened Bella Funk in 2006 when we were 23 and 24 years old. We had about $600 to our name, saved up and used our entire bank accounts combined for our first months rent, ha! We knew that the rest would fall gracefully into place, which it did. Our vision was denim and boots from the beginning. I had a passion for high-end denim and leather, and we knew we had to have lines like Hudson and Frye. They continue to be shop staples today.”

What’s the story behind the name of your store?
Katie: “Once we started thinking about opening a shop and discussing a possible name, my sister immediately said, ‘Bella Funk.’ I said, ‘Sure’ and that was that. We loved the idea that it meant beautiful (bella) and different (funk).”

What makes your store special or different?
Katie: “Our shop features the works of local artisans (one of our favorite parts) and high-end designers. We’ve always believed in quality over quantity, and our products are beautifully crafted to make women feel special. The layout of our shop is rustic and artsy. I think customers enjoy their experience here and we truly enjoy creating it for them.”

What are you best known for?
Katie: “I think we are best known for our quality and unique pieces. Aside from that, we strive to have the very best customer service and truly want everyone to leave feeling happy, helped and appreciated.”

What was it about the location that attracted you to it?
Katie: “Our location is in the heart of Littleton’s Downtown Main Street in the Opera Block. The space is a dream with its rustic wood floors, brick walls and floral tiled ceilings. We could not ask for a better home for Bella Funk!”

Tell us about the most memorable day/most memorable customer experience you’ve had in the shop.
Katie: “My most memorable experience in the shop thus far was when we gifted a deserving recipient with a head-to-toe shopping spree. This hard working mom of two was undergoing chemotherapy while juggling two jobs and had done literally nothing for herself in years. She came in nervous and quiet, and she left glowing and grateful with a new bounce in her step. We both had tears in our eyes and it was my proudest most grateful moment. It’s the reason that I do what I do. It was truly a magical experience.”

Tell us a secret about your store.
Katie: “Some people may not know that we have a little nook of home goodies. Our favorite thing to do is stocking the section up with holiday décor that you really won’t find elsewhere.”

If you could go back in time to your opening day, what would you do differently?
Katie: “I can still remember the nerves on our opening day! We were incredibly scared. I don’t think there is anything in particular I would’ve done differently unless I could’ve told myself to relax just a bit more.”

Have you been working on anything exciting?
Katie: “Aside from our 14th birthday, we have been working very hard on growing our website. We are trying to expand our online presence by getting a larger selection to shop onto the site. Our true passion is brick and mortar, but we also want to spoil our long distance fans too.”

What keeps you passionate about turning on the lights every morning?
Katie: “Our customers keep us passionate about turning the lights on everyday. They are the most amazing people ever and keep us so incredibly passionate about what we do. They are so appreciative and kind, and their love for what we do is what keeps us going.”

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?
Katie: “My advice for someone starting out would be time. All good things take time. Don’t forget that nothing happens overnight and don’t give up.”

Bella Funk Boutique
9 Main St., Littleton NH 03561
(603) 444-6597
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Fri-Sat 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Instagram @bellafunk

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