Cubicle Concerts: Ruby and the Groove

Ruby and the Groove may only be three musicians, but they make a big, beautiful sound. This Nashua-area trio plays a mashup of upbeat soul, driving melodies, positive vibes and (excuse the turn of phrase,) a solid groove as they create an undeniable musical chemistry. Their original music blends classic soul, R&B and pop. Be sure to check out ‘Let the Music Play,’ an ode to the Gate City and its living, thriving arts community.

You can find more from Ruby and the Groove on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re interested in learning more about playing a gig in our festive cubicle, then you are encouraged to reach out to Bill Burke, project creator, manager and producer. Bill can be reached at or by phone at (603) 413-5112.

Photos from Ruby and the Groove’s Cubicle Concert by Karen Bachelder and Morgen Connor.

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