Cubicle Concerts: Bobbo Byrnes

Look up raconteur in the dictionary (OK, Boomer, how about Wikipedia?) and you may find a picture of Bobbo Byrnes.

A skilled musician, storyteller and an entertainer completely at ease living the life of a globe-trotting troubadour, Byrnes cut his teeth playing countless gigs from “Nashua to South Nashua.” Now, he brings his music to audiences from California to Germany to Poland to the New Hampshire Magazine cubicle in Manchester, N.H.

Also a part of The Fallen Stars and a valued performer who has played with artists like the Foo Fighter’s Chris Shiflett and Sonny Mone, of Crazy Horse, Bobbo Byrnes is the real deal.

You can find more of Bobbo Byrnes on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more about playing a gig in our festive cubicle, then you are encouraged to reach out to Bill Burke, project creator, manager and producer. Bill can be reached at or by phone at (603) 413-5112.

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