Top Doctors List

Geoffrey Starr, M.D., Neurology

Exeter Hospital, Core Physicians
We are all called to the practice of medicine for different reasons, but ultimately we all strive for the same outcome, to help others. The opportunity to help each patient either through simple advice such as “take your baby aspirin every day” or more complicated interventions such as immunomodulatory therapies has been very rewarding to me and motivates me to strive for better and better outcomes. I’ve been blessed with great mentors (Chairman Robert Hamill), incredible patients (too many to name) and wonderful support staff (you know who you are) throughout my career and look forward to stamping out neurological disease in the future.”

James M. Estes, M.D., Vascular Surgery

Wentworth-Douglas Hospital
Wentworth Health Partners-Cardiovascular Group
The Cardiovascular Group at Pease
Every patient I care for is unique. The challenge and reward in my work is to utilize all the available procedures and technology to get the best result in the least invasive manner possible.

Mary Dickinson Chamberlin, M.D., Medical Oncology

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
I am privileged to have been trained by the best New Hampshire doctors, and to work with many more deserving than I of this honor. I find the academic environment here at Dartmouth-Hitchcock inspiring, and I can’t resist a challenge. I guess that’s why I do the Ultimate Prouty every year too! Most of all, the reason I come to work every day is to solve problems for the people who trust me with their cancer care. We work together to find cures or to gain good control of their symptoms with the best possible balance for their lives. I am humbled by the hard questions I get asked and love to do research to keep the options for treatment coming.

Philip Fitzpatrick, M.D., F.A.C.C., Cardiovascular Disease

New England Heart & Vascular Institute
As a member of the New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC, I continue to be motivated and inspired by the patients I meet in the communities we serve throughout New Hampshire and for me, most frequently in Peterborough. My patients make every day interesting and motivate me to be the best I can be both personally and professionally. As important advances in cardiology continue to occur, I look forward to providing excellent care to the people of New Hampshire.

Russel A. Strong, M.D., Colon & Rectal Surgery

Concord Hospital
Concord Surgical Associates
Practicing medicine allows me to interact with a wide variety of people; the patients and families of course, but also all of the different people who work at Concord Hospital. I'm inspired by the opportunity to try to make a difference in people's lives.