BeefStu formed in 2013 to play a summertime party on the Pemi River. The band is named after its original drummer, Stu LeBlanc. Stu had to leave the band in 2018 for personal reasons. Dave McGahan took Stu’s spot behind the kit for a little under a year, until the band’s current (and final) drummer, Rory Walsh, joined up full time at the very beginning of 2019. Since then, BeefStu has grown tremendously! The music is getting better and better, and each show is getting more exciting. The band is a regional touring group now, playing all over New England, and expects to be touring more extensively in 2020. BeefStu is also getting ready to hit the recording studio next month to start work on their first full length studio album! So keep your eyes and ears peeled for new BeefStu original music!

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