Andrew North

Andrew North is a piano singer and songwriter. He makes fun and quirky music – think Phish meets Ben Folds. Andrew is always trying new things – working solo, in a duo with drummer Pete Casselman, and with his band, the Rangers, to explore jazz, americana, latin, progressive rock and improvisation. His second solo album, Lost City, is available now.

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Granite State Online Music Festival 4/25/20

Tip Jar: rocks! Thank you Area 23 Concord! NH Musicians: you are all beautiful! What a day!

Posted by Andrew North & The Rangers on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Tip Jar: Go North, Unravel, Infinity Spinning, Aditi, Thing About the Woods, Matter> After Dinner Mint> Brian & Robert> After Dinner Mint, Dig Deep, Out of Time, It’s Over, Braggadocio

Posted by Andrew North & The Rangers on Friday, April 17, 2020

Passing Thought

"Passing Thought" – Just wrote this one, still a work in progress. It’s been fun to share more of the writing process recently. This one came out of a few riffs I was working out on my Wurlitzer electric piano. I was originally just going to string them together for an instrumental funk tune, but I started hearing some words to it and it had this really cool old Cream/classic rock vibe that I haven’t really done before. I hope you dig it. The writing process seems to be different for every song…

Posted by Andrew North & The Rangers on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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