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Praise and Steven Tyler Love
You never disappoint. New Hampshire Magazine is an amazing source of, well … just about everything. The “Voices for Freedom” article in your August 2016 issue was fascinating. On another note, loved the pictures of rocker Steven Tyler. Yes, he’s amazing and lovable, but why do we keep thinking, “he’s ours”? He wasn’t born in New Hampshire. In your mind, does that disqualify him as a local yokel?

Sandra Constantine

Editor’s Note: Good question regarding our claim on Steven Tyler. He and Joe Perry first met in Sunapee (they both lived/summered here), and that was the birth of Aerosmith, so if they ever (as they someday should) post a historical marker about the origin of one of America’s all-time greatest rock acts, the sign will go up in Sunapee Harbor. Tyler has homes in Hawaii, Nashville and Sunapee (and a few other places), and he returns here regularly for R&R. He identifies with the state as a point of origin and inspiration. I think we have adequate claim to him, though we’re willing to share him with the world.

More Town History
I really enjoyed Barbara Radcliffe Rogers’ story about my hometown of New London in the August 2016 edition [“Our Town”]. 

Our town certainly has many historically rich places to visit. It might also be of interest to your readers to know that New London is the home of the state’s oldest fish and game club — the Elkins Fish & Game Club was established in 1894 and has been in continuous operation ever since. 

The club was originally founded by fishermen to stock fish into Pleasant Lake, and they even had their own rearing pools for that purpose. Today, the club’s focus is to promote fishing, archery, wildlife preservation, conservation, shooting and other related activities and to help people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors. 

Mike Gelcius
President of the Elkins Fish & Game Club

New London

Props for Popcorn
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making Popzup one of your editor’s choices for the Best of NH 2016 issue of New Hampshire Magazine [July 2016]. Having put so much time and energy to make microwave popcorn a safe and healthy snack, it truly means a lot to us; we care deeply about our mission.

Your acknowledgment has helped us to reach thousands of new people.

Thanks you so much for your very generous endorsement.

Julie and Mary Lapham

A Source of Inspiration
To the staff of New Hampshire Magazine, thank you for putting together such a high-quality product.

My sister is a New Hampshire resident and subscriber to your magazine, and we’re doing a special weekend together as sisters. We were planning to go camping near Laconia, but there are going to be a lot of thunderstorms this weekend. Instead, we’re staying at her place and are coming up with activities around here. I looked through your July issue for inspiration and I found several places to go.

We have our meals planned out already, but I dog-eared some pages of restaurants I’d like to visit the next time I visit her.

Thank you.

Allison Hansgate
Hubbardston, Mass.

Restaurant Recommendation
Poor Thom’s is open in Meriden — my wife and I tried it the other night and were delighted. Nice menu, eager staff.

I tried the wings, which were very crisp, not heavy. I’m from Buffalo and I see a lot of greasy, too-hot versions. I also had a watermelon/chevre/strawberry salad, along with corn on the cob. Kudos to a new eatery with a great chef! Also serves burgers — my wife had a 10-veggie burger, which was tastier than the usual. Try it out!

Larry Burch

Swimming Spot Reminder
Loved this month’s selection of articles.  “Aquatic Adventures” reminded me that, once again, it’s time to visit Diana’s Baths [“Epic Summer of Fun,” June 2016]. We’ve been there several times, but each visit shows us something new and lovely. This year my two grandchildren will be old enough to make the trek, and I’m really looking forward to showing them the waterfalls and smooth basins. Sugar Hill is around the corner from our house, and you couldn’t find a lovelier example of a New England village. The lupines are at full color this week, so the views that Barbara Radcliffe described are delightful [“Our Town,” June 2016]. St. Matthew’s Chapel is a pretty sight at every season.

The next time one of your reporters visits this area, I would suggest they stop in at the Abbie Greenleaf Library in Franconia Village and ask to see the Arthur Ward sculpture. In addition to the building itself, the sculpture is quite amazing. Well worth a look.

I like the new format that NH Magazine has instituted; all in all, a great summer read for the beach or the deck.

As usual, a pleasure to read. 

Pam Dexter

Unfiltered: Feedback from Instagram

Travel blogger Micayla Jean, who currently calls New Hampshire  home, shared this great photo of the Franconia Ridge Trail with us on Instagram. We love seeing all of the places you go! Share more with us on Instagramby tagging @nhmagazine


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