Aquatic Adventures - Surfing, Fishing, Scuba and More

Learn to Scuba Dive

Don't just swim in the ocean, explore it! Photo courtesy of Portsmouth Scuba.

What would summer be without fun on (and in) the water? It’s easy to go swimming or boating, but why not step up your ocean game and learn to dive? Portsmouth Scuba can hook you up. The program takes about two weeks and begins with four sessions at the Dover Pool and a fifth session at Portsmouth Scuba, where students take a final exam and are fitted with scuba gear and weights. The instruction concludes with two freshwater dives and two ocean dives, usually held over the weekend.

Take Surfing Lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to surf? Make this summer the year you finally do! Photo courtesy of Summer Sessions Surf Shops.

Get gnarly, man. Hang five or 10 and learn to surf. Summer Sessions Surf Shops in Rye and Portsmouth offer private lessons at Rye Beach. Students are outfitted with a wetsuit and board and learn on a real beach (not a wave machine), where the hotdoggers go. Instructors will help you develop balance and strength, judge and catch waves, paddle standing up, turning and riding down the line. They teach paddleboarding as well.

Deep Sea and Party Boat Charters

Set sail for a high seas adventure on one of the ships of the Eastman’s Docks in Seabrook. The fleet has several deep sea fishing party boats, but for a truly epic adventure we suggest a trip on one of their luxury-style, 42-foot fiberglass lobster boats — the Sweet Jen, Anne B or Melanie Jeanne. The boats can accommodate six passengers for a trip out to Jeffreys Ledge. And don’t be disappointed if you don’t return with a haddock suitable for baking. Grab dinner at the Tuna Striker Pub, an open-sided, Key West-style tiki bar on the dock.


Diana's Baths in Bartlett. Photo by Norm Lathrop

How about visiting all of the state’s waterfalls? We’re particularly fond of Diana’s Baths in Bartlett, which is particularly family-friendly and can be enjoyed after a hike of about a half-mile. There are also the Sculptured Rocks in Groton, where the cascade is funneled through an undulating channel of smooth, glittering rocks. lists more than 60 of the waterfalls with photographs and information for locating them. The website is a supplement to the book “New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 400 Cascades and Waterfalls” published by Countryman Press.

Take a Fishing Trip

Tall Timber Lodge in Pittsburg. Photo by Stillman Rogers.

Take the ultimate “vintage” fishing trip to Tall Timber Lodge in Pittsburg. This is a real throwback to the glorious Victorian-era Adirondack lodges where you could sip a cup of tea while listening to the call of the loon before embarking by boat into the deep water. At Tall Timber, you can still capture this experience at this lakeside fishing camp that includes an excellent onsite (and Best of NH Award-winning) restaurant, the Rainbow Grille & Tavern, plus guided fishing trips that take you to the best spots.


More Epic Summer Fun

Ultimate Summer Festivals

There are summer fests galore in New Hampshire, but here are a few noteworthy ones no epic summer would be complete without.

Historic Summer Arts

New Hampshire lays claim to some truly outstanding and historic summer theater. Plus, take a once-in-a-lifetime artists' retreat to the gorgeous Appledore Island, which has an impressive artistic history of its own.

Take to the Air

Get airborne with hot air balloon rides, hang gliding and scenic flights over the Presidential Range.

Ultimate Trails and Tours

Don't just drive up Mount Washington - hike it. Or take a tour of our state's historic and iconic covered bridges, find the most beautiful swimming hole or attempt our tough section of the Appalachian Trail.
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