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Thomas Hanna is recognized as a top lawyer in Land Use & Zoning Law

We selected eight of the best lawyers from around the state for portraits and asked them to share a favorite quotation and to tell us why they love what they do. These profiles appeared along with Woodward/White’s annual Best Lawyers in America list, as published in our November issue.

“You never know.”  —Tony Lupien

“Land Use is my primary concentration. I wasn’t particularly passionate about the practice of law until I focused on land use. I have always had an interest in conservation, forestry, architecture, urban and land planning, and all forms of agriculture. I was a trustee of the Monadnock Conservancy for about 15 years, then a trustee of the New Hampshire chapter of The Nature Conservancy for 10 years, and then I was the chair of the board for three years from 2016 to 2018. Land Use law has given me the connection with ‘land,’ which has led to a meaningful and enjoyable career.”

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