The North Country Smokehouse Has Much More Than Bacon

You know you’ll be getting a great BLT when you see it’s made with North Country Smokehouse bacon. Chefs all over the state have discovered the quality of their nice, lean, thick slices and perfect smoke. But there is more than bacon coming out of this German-style smokehouse in Claremont.

Using exacting and  time-honored methods, the boneless ham at North Country Smokehouse is cured in maple brine and then smoked for 12 hours over the smoldering embers of applewood, cherry and maple to impart a balance of sweetness and smoke. Boneless hams are offered in whole or half portions for $46.95, $72.98 shipped directly from the smokehouse.

Ham is also offered as Windsor pork chops, marinated in spices and maple syrup; a traditional spiral-sliced ham; a double-smoked Black Forest ham; Cajun pork tasso and all-natural bistro ham with no preservatives.

Other smokehouse favorites include an international selection of sausages, from bratwurst to linguica to Irish bangers. Their take on brisket is Montreal-style with a secret marinade and hickory smoking.

Products can be ordered online, along with artisanal foods that are perfect with smoked foods, including their smoked cheddars, provolone and Swiss cheeses.

Also find their hams, thick bacon slices, smoked turkey and sausages at fine grocery stores across the state.


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