The Insider’s Scoop: Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki on The Stone Church

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Jim And Jordantw

Jordan TW and Jim Prendergast, his cohost for Irish night at the Stone Church since 2012

Putting a fresh spin on traditional Irish music, the Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio delivers a dynamic show full of foot-stompin’ fiddle tunes and classic sing-alongs. Fiddler Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki is joined by fellow New Hampshire natives Matt Jensen on guitar and Chris Noyes on upright bass. Their shows blend traditional Celtic music with their own original material, drawing on multiple genres to produce a unique sound.

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki shares his views on why the Stone Church is one of his favorite places to play and to hear live music:

“When you mention The Stone Church in Newmarket to just about anyone, you tend to get the same reaction: ‘Oh, I love that place! I have such great memories there!’

It was already a legend long before I first crossed the threshold on a Tuesday night in the mid-2000s, stumbling upon an epic bluegrass jam. In the years since, I’ve been lucky enough to perform nearly 500 shows there. I’ve played with rock bands, funk bands, jam bands and country bands and Grateful Dead cover bands. And, of course, there was the weekly Irish Night that I hosted with my good friend Jim Prendergast for nearly eight years until the pandemic. Within those stone walls, I forged new friendships, fell in love, and introduced my children to the joys of live music.

What continues to make the place so special is the way the owners and staff really seem to care about what they have there. They’ve worked incredibly hard to keep their unique venue alive during the dark days of the pandemic, adapting to the circumstances and seizing opportunities to expand and upgrade so they can continue to offer quality music and good food to their many loyal patrons. The Stone Church is now going stronger than ever! Next time you find yourself on the seacoast, do yourself a favor and make your way up Zion Hill to check it out. No matter what your musical taste, you’ll be glad you did.”

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