The Grove at the Woodbound Inn is a must for destination dining

Part of our 2014 list of Hot New NH Restaurants

Sometimes a good meal needs serious GPS action. It’s not easy to find the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, but the setting is priceless. The inn is situated on Contoocook Lake with small cabins scattered in the nearby woods. The renovated hotel building is a pleasant retreat too, as is dining at The Grove at the Woodbound in the hotel proper. Find an eclectic menu to suit just about any hunger need, from fresh salads to reasonably priced steaks and seafood. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday brunch too.

Don’t Miss: The chicken Vietnamese wrap with poached chicken, Napa cabbage, sweet chili sauce and peanuts rolled in rice paper. It’s served with Thai peanut sauce. ($9)

The Grove at the Woodbound Inn
247 Woodbound Rd., Rindge
(603) 532-8341

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