The Dynamic Duo of Hat Design

Carla and Marcia Press are an irrepressible set of twins. After years of living apart, they have settled in Troy and are bringing their sense of style to hats for all seasons. Carla does the designing and sewing and Marcia focuses on marketing their Meshugenah hats and making colorful ribbon pins as accessories.

They travel to New York and Boston to collect fabrics or all manner of stripes and prints, then mix and match the designs and colors for bold or subdued statements. All of their hats are reversible, and the wired brim allows the wearer to shape the hat for the best framing of the face. Think Downton Abbey or Miss Fisher or even Annie Oakley. Their hat designs are that flexible.

One option, shown here, is great for sun shading and is water-repellent too. Another design looks like the Pope’s hat; another has a touch of medieval whimsy. There are currently six patterns in a multitude of colors, but the key is knowing how to work the magic. They are happy to assist, give honest opinions or make a custom design.

Aside from selling at craft shows and online sales, they also will host a Meshugenah Hat Tea Party. The duo  brings the tea, china and hats, and you bring your friends. It’s a great time.  

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