September 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Frog Rock Mystery Solved
I noticed a picture of my frog rock in the June issue of back roads ["Back Roads and Blue Highways," June 2013]. You have it in the article Ashland to Meredith. I know you know that it is in Moultonborough, but I am so excited to see it in any article. I paint it now since my grandfather, the original painter, passed away in 1989. I get great joy seeing people stop and get their picture taken with it! I recently painted in May and he is ready for the season.

Susie Ripley

Hide and Seek
Love New Hampshire Magazine! I read it cover to cover every month and have discovered so many new and interesting places and things about our great state. My husband and I like to take day trips on the weekends and we usually go somewhere we’ve seen in NH Magazine.

I would love to see a detailed article about letterboxing in the magazine. Letterboxing involves solving codes or puzzles and following clues to locate a hidden letterbox, which can be found in forests, along hiking trails, in parks, in cities and towns, and sometimes even inside places of business. A letterbox consists of a weather-tight container that holds a rubber stamp and a logbook. The rubber stamp depicts something appropriate to the place where it is hidden. Letterboxers log their finds in their own logbook by stamping the rubber stamp contained in the letterbox in it and recording the date and location where a letterbox was found. Then, the letterboxer uses their own signature stamp to stamp in to the logbook contained in the letterbox. They also record the date and their trail name and city and state. The final step to logging a find is to record it on one of the online letterboxing websites, such as

There are probably a 100 or so letterboxers in NH and nearly 7,000 letterboxes hidden around the state, with hundreds of thousands of letterboxes hidden around the USA.

Cindy Currie-Clifford

Nevertheless, Be Proud
I was raised in this area of northern NH (the real NH) and love your magazine (currently living on the coast of Virginia — it’s warmer, lol). I just finished the August issue and felt it necessary to point out an error to you. On page 47 in an article about “the brick store” in Bath, NH … uh, Bath has never been on the Connecticut river (five more miles west); it is on the Ammonoosuc River. It does, in fact, run into the Connecticut River several miles west. 

I actually find your magazine one of the best that I read (content and lack of errors), so be proud. And BTW, the only issue I have with the magazine (like Yankee) is that (as a native) I know there are no (or few) NH natives south of Plymouth. At that geographical point, NH is part of Massachusetts or Connecticut, sans taxes, lol. I wish there were more articles about the North Country, IMHO.

Frank Marsh
Chesapeake, Va.

Made Her Day
I experienced a wonderful surprise the other day when, upon opening my mailbox, I found a small package from "The American Bead Collection" of Sunapee. My brain did not make the connection immediately; then my brain lit up. I become so excited. It was a gift from New Hampshire Magazine resulting from "Find the Newt" monthly contest.

I am an 84-year-old subscriber and have never won anything in my life, not from lack of trying. I do the contest every month.

It's challenging and fun. Keeps my mind sharp. Whoever hides the "newt" is a genius. Great job! You really made my day, then and forever. Thank you.

Grace Zartarian

More Huts to Explore
Yes I love NH Magazine with all the articles about NH. I especially liked the article "Above It All." I have climbed to the Zealand Falls hut this past spring, but didn't realize there are several more huts to explore.

I also enjoy and have used the Dine Out section. It has been very helpful since I live so far north it helps me explore other areas of NH for both dining out and hiking. I also find the calendar of events quite helpful, especially when I have out-of state visitors to entertain. I really look forward to getting my NH Magazine monthly!   

Darlene Gayton

Breakfast Tastes Better
I really enjoy my morning breakfast when I have the latest issue of NH Magazine on my coffee table to read. It seems to make the breakfast taste much better. For many years now,  NH Magazine has kept me well informed and entertained. Keep up the great work. Attached is a photo I captured in my living room at 5:30 a.m. this morning as I get ready to read my NH Magazine.

Jack Parker

Best for a Reason
My daughter recently moved to Nashua and had her first teeth cleaning last Thursday out in that area. She told me she had an amazing experience. The dentist even gave her sunglasses while she was in the chair so the light wouldn't bother her eyes! Sure enough, I asked her the dentist's name and it was Donna Levy Kalil, who is the top vote-getter in General Dentistry in this month's issue of your magazine. Your dentist issue made us smile!

Cathy Mack

Great, But  …
Honored to be listed in your top dentists issue but I haven't worked in Hampstead since 2009. I have my own practice in Exeter.

Samuel J Lemeris, DMD
Greatview Dental


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