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For 2014 we commissioned a professional polling firm, USA Top Dentists, to ask the state's dentists whom they would recommend if someone were seeking a top dental specialist.


Top Doctor Photos

Top Doctors 2014 Awards Reception

Top Doctors 2014 Awards Reception

The 2014 Top Doctors Awards Reception was sponsored by Cigna, Charles Schwab Nashua, Sulloway & Hollis and Ira Lexus. Photos by Wendy Wood.

Top Dentist Photos

2013 Top Dentists Reception

2013 Top Dentists Reception

The 2013 Top Dentists reception was sponsored by Bank of New Hampshire, Jaguar of Exeter, New England HANDPIECE Repair, H&O Dental Laboratory and Cobb Hill Construction.

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New Hampshire's 2013 Top Doctors Readers' Poll

Check out the Top Doctors Readers' Poll winners and Health Care Heroes stories.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act 101, plus New Hampshire doctors weigh in on the pros and cons.

New Hampshire 2013 Top Doctor Q&As

Interviews with six of the 2013 Top Doctors in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's 2013 Top Doctors

Check out the list of NH's Top Doctors and Leading Physicians.

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Menopause brings changes and challenges — more than you might think.

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Lyme disease is here again and stirring controversy

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Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that can interfere with daily life to the point where maintaining privacy becomes difficult.

Top Chiropractors

2014 New Hampshire Top Chiropractors

Professional Research Services contacted over 400 licensed chiropractors within the State of New Hampshire. PRS asked each chiropractor in a nationwide online survey to nominate the chiropractors they deemed the best in chiropractic care across New Hampshire.

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Working After Retirement

Retirement doesn't always mean the end of working. Many of today's retirees are choosing to take on new jobs after they retire.

The Stresses of Caring for an Elderly Parent

Taking care of an elderly parent or family member can be difficult. Here's some advice to help make the situation more manageable.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Animals for Seniors

For both kids and adults, pets can provide comfort, confidence and healing.

Medical Directory

This directory is a reference for anyone seeking medical services in NH. This comprehensive guide contains listings of local physicians compiled by the New Hampshire Magazine editorial department plus health care editorial features containing information vital to everyone in the state.
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