Robert J. Lanney, Sulloway & Hollis

Recognized as a Lawyer of the Year in Personal Injury Litigation — Defendants

We selected nine Lawyers of the Year for portraits and asked them to share a favorite quotation and to tell us why they love what they do. These profiles appeared along with Woodward/White’s annual Best Lawyers in America list, as published in our November issue.

“In life there are leaders and there are followers. Be a leader.”
— Author unknown

Why do you love what you do? “I have been fortunate to practice law at Sulloway & Hollis for over 36 years. What I enjoy most is working with a team of talented professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services. From attorneys to paralegals, legal assistants to firm administrators, librarians to receptionists, the Sulloway team has provided me the opportunity to serve my clients and community in a meaningful way. I am proud to call my Sulloway colleagues friends.”


Photo by Kendal J. Bush

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