North Woodstock’s Ice Castle

A winter wonderland awaits in North Woodstock
The Ice Castle is stunning at night thanks to embedded lights.
Photo by Loon Mountain Resort/Greg Kwasnik

A unique – and spectacular – sight awaits you in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Utah-based builder Brent Christensen and his crew have brought their giant ice fortress back for another year of winter magic. It is roughly an acre in size and its tallest points reach about 25 feet high. You can walk through it during the day, but at night it comes alive with embedded multicolor lights that make the ice glow from within.

The castle was built with a system of sprinklers using the cold winter air to create, or “grow,” giant icicles. Christensen works on the fortress continuously, crafting a free-form castle that’s made of frozen stalagmites and stalactites. Depending on the day’s temperatures, Christensen and his crew go through the process of growing icicles up to twice a day. After a couple of weeks, the team is able to create large towers, tunnels and caves for people to explore.

Depending on weather, the Ice Castle should remain open through March and will be open for tours daily.

Tour times coming soon!

Ticket prices range from $15-$25. Click here for a complete price list and more information.

Check out more photos on Ice Castle’s Instagram.

24 Clark Farm Rd., North Woodstock