More Than Words Can Say

It’s the thought and the process that counts

Adele Sanborn of Boscawen has entered the third dimension.

The calligrapher/artist has crafted adorned sentiments on handmade papers for 35 years, but recently added boxes and other forms enriched with the color of caustic wax and the texture of natural objects. As she says, “Any excuse to use paper.”

The constructions start with a foam core or a papier-mâché base. She then layers colors, collages photos and embeds inspirational sentiments as part of the visual treat. Imagery ranges from medieval angels to family photos retrieved from old scrapbooks.

But at the heart of her graceful calligraphy and the graphic construction is the message — a word poem that touches the soul with its poignant prose. It’s a bit of wisdom packaged in an object of art — it’s a home for words.

Sanborn teases the viewer with intrigue. What is behind the door or through that window? She wants you to explore the piece and discover the bit of wisdom slyly tucked inside. Please touch, she says to the viewer with the addition of tactile natural objects and passages to be explored.

In addition to this new turn in her work, she has opened Twiggs Gallery, a studio and gallery space in Boscawen. Other artists and even local high school art school hopefuls are on display. Sanborn also teaches bookmaking, calligraphy and paste papering while other teachers come in for drawing, watercolor and more.

As a member of the New Hampshire League of Craftsmen, she exhibits annually at the Sunapee Fair and her studio will be on the New Hampshire Open Doors tour November 7 and 8, 2015.

Sanborn is also happy to do custom work using old photography and keepsake items.


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