Monster Your House

James Mojonnier of Greenland will send monsters to destroy your house. Zombies, squid-like monstrosities, floating eyeballs, worm creatures and even shadowy demons will descend, terrorizing your family as they wreak havoc on your beloved home. It is, by the way, a request-only service, and the fee is a donation to the New Hampshire Food Bank or your own local food bank.

And, of course, this is all make believe. Things in 2020 aren’t quite (yet?) literal monster level bad. Connect with the artist on Instagram, send a picture of your house and he’ll monsterize it — sending you the signed finished piece of artwork in exchange for your donation to the food bank of your choice.

Mojonnier recently set his imagination loose on our colleague Jenna Pelech’s home (the floating eyeballs), and the result is charmingly terrifying. She shared the piece with us, which Mojonnier captioned “an impressive colonial and a swarm of burrowing peepers.” And I thought our resident shed-dwelling family of chipmunks currently digging through my grass, raised beds and flower pots was bad. This seems worse.


Our coworker Jenna’s daughter flees the invasion of the “burrowing peepers.” Illustration by James Mojonnier. See more or invite the invasion of your own house here.

Learn more about Mojonnier’s efforts to lift spirits and help those in need on this recent episode of “New Hampshire Chronicle.”

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