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Model Persephanie Lesperance is now on the national stage.

Persephanie Lesperance made it into the final 10 in Maxim's sexy selection process and the competition was still fierce when this issue went to press, but Lesperance was willing to take a little time out to answer a few questions for Blips – and to promote her current cause: collecting pretty formal wear for girls whose families were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Her childhood was full of dance lessons and ballet but when she finally took a couple of modeling classes she quickly nabbed her first promotional gig. Now she's representing her state and hometown of Hampton as a Maxim magazine "Hometown Hottie."

Have you always wanted to model? When did you get the bug? No, actually, I haven't always wanted to be a model. My lifelong dream was to be a Radio City Rockette, I watched them religiously for years in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I had sky-high kicks for days! (Still do!) I'm trained in ballet, point, modern, lyrical, hip hop and jazz. I studied off and on for 14 years starting at age 5, thanks to my Grammy and Grandpa! I didn't catch the modeling bug until I was 16. Being a big competitor in the dance world I was always receiving compliments on my looks, height and my drive, so after a a lot of begging and some serious consideration by my stepdad, Dave, he decided to help fund my modeling classes. I may have attended one or two classes before I hit the ground running on my first promotional gig! I'll never forget it – it was at good old New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire. I fell in love. It was a dream job where I could just be my fun and quirky self, make complete strangers smile and sell a product at the same time. You can ask anyone I have worked for and with or fans who have attended an event – I'm the life of the party!

What makes a successful model? The key to being a successful model is to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the industry, physically, mentally and emotionally. Never lose sight of your goal no matter what may stand in your way. Never forget that you're not just another pretty face, you're a role model and you have the power to help people and make a change.

What don't people know about modeling? Modeling is hard work! I know it's hard to believe, but a typical shoot will last at least eight hours. If you're lucky under two hours for hair, makeup and wardrobe. Keep in mind you change periodically throughout the day and you're posing and holding the craziest positions to get the perfect shot. You know you're doing your job when you make it look easy.

You seem to be serious about this as a career, but you have other talents. What would be the perfect job for you? I do take my career very seriously and have for very long time. I knew from the beginning it wasn't going to be easy to break out into the spotlight, being a small-town girl from New Hampshire and all, so I've done everything within my power to get involved in the entertainment industry. I promoted nightclubs and interned for production companies by putting on extravagant charity events while making a little extra money booking models for promotional companies. The perfect job for me will always be in entertainment.

How did you get in the running for the Maxim contest? I do believe it was March of last year I submitted my photos to Maxim. It didn't take them long at all to notify me that I'd be in the first week of voting and the rest is history!

What's the experience like? Do they give you the star treatment? It's nothing like I've ever experienced – I had always hoped that Maxim would be the very first magazine I'd ever be in! People recognize me locally, everyone makes sure to let me know they voted for me and how proud they are of me for taking New Hampshire this far in the competition. I wouldn't call it start treatment but it sure feels good!

Had any previous brushes with fame? Nope, this is my first brush with fame! The girl's got to start somewhere.

Do you know if you won, yet? Any idea how you did? I won't know who wins until you guys do! I wish I had some sort of idea about the voting results, but unfortunately they don't show us.

How did you get such a great first name? Well this is a pretty obvious answer and all, but my moma! She named me after the Greek goddess Persephone, the daughter of Demeter.

What's the worst pick-up line you've ever gotten? The best? Not a huge fan of this question because I don't really keep track. I just like to ignore them.

What's next for you? Anything exciting in the works? I'm hoping the cover of Maxim is what's next, but until then I'm going to be looking to sign with a good modeling/talent agency – I just started acting so I'd really like to take advantage of that. This holiday season I'm working with DRYNK Night Club & Toys for Tots to raise a whole bunch of toys for the kiddo's, and Maxim was generous enough to donate December issues of the magazine for me to sign for anyone who attends our event. (Editor's Note: The event was held back on December 14). But the charity I'm most excited about this year is The Cinderella Project. We are going to be collecting new, gently used and formal dresses, along with shoes and accessories, for young girls whose families were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Anyone interested in donating time, money or dresses can stop in at drop off locations. Feel free to contact us at!

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