Meet Body Builder Mike Ingalls

At nearly 64 years old, Mike Ingalls isn’t just sweating to the oldies. He is one. He’s been building his body and trophy collection ever since his early 20s by using an all-natural regimen. His physique is the result of some very brutal, sweat-soaked work. Here, there aren’t shortcuts. A regimented diet, a punishing schedule, and an unwavering focus are what it takes. So lift, drop, and repeat endlessly. And learn to pose. Then grab a bucket of Bengay and have fun. Well, sort of, anyway.

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Photo by David Mendelsohn

  • I was born on April 14, 1958, and I’m nearly 64 years old. I have been bodybuilding for 42 years now.
  • I started out in martial arts but did not like being so skinny, so I was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger to get into bodybuilding.
  • I don’t use a trainer for my home gym routine, but I do run all my workouts by Laura Tourtellot [see below]. She knows if I need to change anything, such as reps, sets, frequency, etc. Training for competition is different from off-season training.
  • In the off season, I train about five out of seven days per week. For a competition, that changes to seven days per week, often two times a day, in mornings and afternoons.
  •  I train chest/delts one day, back another day, arms on another, then legs. I usually have three days of rest between body parts.
  • A contest diet is very different than an off-season diet. This is the hardest part for me: the diet strictness. I am also looking forward to after a show, and implementing my seefood diet — if I see food, I eat it. Get it?
  • The use of steroids is still going strong these days.
  • You can tell by the really big guys on stage at the shows that are not natural, drug-tested events. I will not judge them, but I am very much a supporter of all-natural bodybuilding — and staying healthy.
  • For the all-natural bodybuilding meets that I’ve attended, they have good substance detection. Polygraphs and urine tests are used and are difficult to beat. Most show organizers can tell who is natural and who is not.
  • The most time I have taken off is a week. Sometimes I take a break, like when my wife and I are on vacation. Even then, we work out in a gym somewhere if we can find one.
  • You are never too old to work out and be in better health. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, and have seen the difference it makes.
  • I’m not quite sure yet as to how long I will compete, but I do know that I will work out as long as I can.
  • Eating spinach from a can doesn’t help. It’s a total rumor. It may work for the Sailor Man, but not so much for the rest of us.

Sharp Working2 3320 3rtN.H. Power Couple: Mr. Natural and Ms. Turtle

Laura Tourtellot (right), known to her students as Ms. Turtle, is a trusted trainer and guide to Mike Ingalls (left), offering particular help with his bodybuilding poses — a critical element of competition. She competed for a decade, becoming a top-ranked natural bodybuilder. Since 1991, she has produced New Hampshire’s premier natural bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition, the annual Granite State Open. The GSO competition is sanctioned with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, and is always held on Halloween weekend. Last October, Ingalls won first place in the men’s Grandmasters 50+ division at the Granite State Open and received his pro card, making him a professional natural bodybuilder.

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