January 2012 Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Doggone Wrong
Imagine how very surprised I was to note that you state in your September issue that the only letter you received about the "Celebrity Pet" article [August 2011] was from Hank from the Common Man Inn in Claremont. I wrote to you about our Chinook dog and the Chinook breed, which is the official N.H. State Dog. Assuming I e-mailed too late to get in the September issue, I expected to see it in the October issue. I guess I was doggone wrong!

Nancy Halloran

Editor's Note: The copy with Hank's letter actually says that he (Hank) was the only "pet" who took the time to write. We got several letters, but the rest were from humans. I appreciate your desire to see the Chinook get the proper recognition. We've done stories on the breed before and will again.

Fresh Air
I am always pleased with your wonderful magazine but this month's [December 2011] article on Earthbound Pets really delighted me. Just knowing that there is such a great idea in our state is uplifting to us non-believers. My husband and I are members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is based in Madison, Wisc. We are always bombarded with the Religious Right's ravings, and Earthbound Pets is like a breath of fresh air. We are without pets right now, but we will send a donation to Bart Centre.

Terri and Dan Jones

Not in the Weeds
Although I cannot address the lack of "buzz" about Thompson/Thomson [November 2011], I can say that the Founders Monument referred to in the article is not "somewhere in the weeds." Rye resident Tom Pearson researched the monument's original location, cleared the surrounding area and paid for the monument to be returned to its 1899 site. He and some Scouts also cleared old Columbus Road, creating a spectacular walk to the site. N.H. Parks has marked that trail very clearly and I hope this article will inspire more people to come visit.

Although the Seacoast Science Center focuses on marine science, we do have an exhibit about the settlement of Odiorne Point from pre-contact (or pre-Thompson/Thomson) to WWII. We also published "A Walk Where New Hampshire Began," a photo-illustrated trail guide that interprets the human and natural history of Odiorne Point. As you walk the trails, you will walk where New Hampshire began and gain a sense of how Europeans have utilized our coast since Thompson/Thomson arrived. True, our monument, exhibit and book are not of the same stature as the Mayflower or the Rock, but they are far more than being lost in the weeds.

Wendy Lull,
President, Seacoast Science Center

Time in a Crate
This story ["Lindbergh's Crate," November 2011] is such an inspiration. I have personally known Rick Rideout for many years and he sure had the spirit of life as a whole, the animals, plants and all of the peace that surrounds people with this nature. Rick one summer day took me for a walk down in the area where this shack once stood where he lived by the river. I could see why Rick really did enjoy his time spent in the crate, all was so peaceful. There was the sound of the river, all the wild plants surrounding you and, of course, the sparkle in Rick's eyes as he continued to tell his story. Rick, you will be missed greatly here on this earth physically, but your spirit will never die among those who have had the honor to have shared a piece of your life with you. Peace on, we will meet again, our friend.

Dawna Marie O'Donal

Staying Put
Just spent the last hour or so perusing the magazine while looking for this month's newts [November 2011]. While this is primarily newt business, I have to say, good job on the magazine this month. It seems that New Hampshire local artists, chefs and entrepreneurs (among others) are thriving now more than ever. It's so great to see how much is going on here! Count me as one of the 20-somethings that wants to stay! Anyway, back to those newts.

Amy Lamb

Plan to Paint
In the latest issue of N.H.Magazine you have a photograph of the Gilmanton Winery that I would love to paint. I've already contacted the winery and they gave me your e-mail address. After it's finished they would like me to take a picture of it with me included. I said I would oblige. In 2010 I painted the cover of the magazine and it was published in the Letters to the Editor section of the October issue. I would be grateful for your permission.

Barbara Nordby Mariano

Thrilled by Recognition
Many thanks for including Kyle in your "There from Here" feature [November 2011]. I've heard several of the performers you mention and my, they're terrific, and it's a privilege for Kyle to be included among them. She's just gotten back from the tour that began in Colebrook two months ago and finally ended up in Cincinnati. Went very well, she says, and she was thrilled to be greeted by that sort of recognition on her arrival home.

Rick Carey

Editor's Note: Keep us posted on Kyle's success. By the way, the "There From Here" virtual CD has received nearly 1,000 downloads since we posted it and it's still up at www.nhmagazine.com/therefromhere

It's All Good
I am so glad you did an article on The Inn on Newfound Lake [December 2011]. The inn is wonderful. The owners make you feel like family. The thousands of lights are like a magic place inside and out. If you haven't seen these you are missing out a lot. What they have done for the area and the inn is wonderful. The food is great, the owners are wonderful. When you go make sure to see the barn and see a beautiful sunset while having a great meal.

Judy and Chris Christensen


Dr. Julia Greenspan, who was featured in the November "Staying Well," is an N.D., not an M.D. Our apologies.

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