HandCraft Wines Offer Great Vaule

HandCraft by Cheryl Indelicato is an artisanal collection of wines that celebrates Indelicato’s California home and Italian heritage. A playful dash of Italian variety grapes are added to the wines as a nod to the traditional, vineyard-to-barrel field selection that found their place at her family’s dining table. HandCraft wines range from a floral chardonnay to a pinot noir with hints of black cherry and plum to a balanced malbec with a soft finish. Find the HandCraft line at the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets for the surprising regular price of $9.99. Her business philosophy is to put more investment into creating great value.

Indelicato’s personal motto is: “We are not born to collect things; we are born to serve.” As part of her passion to make a positive difference in people’s lives, Indelicato created the program “HandCraft Cares” to support important causes with financial and in-kind donations. She is involved in a number of initiatives to increase awareness and early detection of breast cancer. Since 2012, HandCraft has contributed $235,000 to support breast cancer research, prevention and awareness throughout the US.

This fall, she came through New Hampshire and attended tasting events at the 100 Club in Boston and O Steaks & Seafood in Concord, where proceeds were donated to the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition. Indelicato has long been committed to raising money to fight breast cancer. Since 2012, she and the HandCraft team have raised more than $235,000 to support various breast cancer organizations throughout the US.

For more information about HandCraft, visit handcraftwines.com.


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