Guide to Retirement Living: Silverstone Living

What’s the most important thing to know about your community? 

Sl JfranseenThe most important thing to know about our community is that we have been a premier Life Plan Community in Southern New Hampshire for over 123 years. It all began with an endowment from philanthropist John M. Hunt, who felt the desire to assist the underserved in the community in the late 1800s, and his spirit is what has led this community for more than a century. — Judy Franseen

What are some of the key benefits to living in your community? 

Sl KmatthesonThink of all the things you would like to give up; painting the house, mowing the lawn, the dreaded shoveling of the snow, menu planning, routine housekeeping — we’ve got you! You have as much privacy as you desire while still being able to find friends just a short walk away if you want. Residents are equally as active in the winter months as they are in good weather because we have restaurants, hair salons, a theater, fitness center, library, coffee shop, etc., all on site.
— Kristin Mattheson

When should someone start researching retirement communities? 

People should think about a retirement community while they are healthy and before they “need” it. Retirement Communities are not “one size fit all.” They are all going to have a different feel to them. Just like moving into your first home, it needs to feel right when you visit. Planning and visiting before you need to make a decision are important, and learning your options for a secure future should start now so that you fully take advantage of all the events and opportunities offered by this exciting and fulfilling lifestyle. – Judy Franseen

— Kristin Mattheson, senior living sales advisor, and Judy Franseen, vice president sales and marketing, Silverstone Living


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