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What is a Continuing Care at Home program?

At Home By Hunt is a retirement option, affiliated with Silverstone Living, for active 62+ NH residents who want to have a long-term care plan in place for their future healthcare needs. At Home By Hunt provides the assurance and peace of mind knowing that you have guaranteed lifetime access to a wide range of care should your health needs ever change, and it ensures predictable costs with personalized coordination of that care.  If you have recently started to look at retirement options for yourself, you will want to learn more about this option that can make aging in place a safe solution.

Is there a way to have high quality healthcare services, while protecting my assets?

At Home By Hunt limits your exposure to the financial risks and high-costs associated with health-related support services or long-term care.  Predictable fees, protection from inflation, and no waiting on reimbursements helps ensure you are protecting your assets.  Healthcare is expensive! With At Home By Hunt you are making a smart investment today to help pay and manage your care tomorrow at a fraction of the cost. Your Life Plan Coordinator will help arrange and facilitate both medical and non-medical services so that you can age comfortably and successfully in the home you love.

Is it possible to age successfully in the home that I love if my medical needs change?

Yes! At Home By Hunt is specifically designed to meet your goals of aging successfully in place.  By joining the At Home By Hunt program while you are independent and healthy, your Life Plan Coordinator gets to know you, and your personal wishes for future care as you age at home.  As your health changes, they will provide the support that you need and will put services in place, when necessary, all while assisting you with navigating through the complex medical system.

Sl Jfranseen— Judy A. Franseen, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Silverstone Living

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