Black Ice Dessert Wine from Candia Vineyards

This award-winning wine is one of Candia Vineyards' most famous offerings

The wines from Candia Vineyards are a testament to what one man, who loves wine, can accomplish.

Bob Dabrowski planted his front and back yard acreage with grapevines and now, 10-plus years later, he is supplying his wines to the state liquor stores and other local outlets.

His Black Ice is an ice wine, not made from grapes frozen on the vine, but juice that is frozen and is labeled as such. The freezing concentrates flavors since the sugars and other solids are reserved while the water is removed.

Black Ice (375 ml, $27.99) is not cloyingly sweet; the natural acidity in the wine balances and enhances the red wine flavor. Black Ice took Gold at the Amenti del Vino wine competition in 2012, and is now one of Candia Vineyards’ most famous offerings.

Sip at room temperature. Serve with cheese, nuts or a dessert that is not overly sweet. Wines can also be purchased at the vineyard. Dabrowski keeps some of his stock in an old bank vault he moved cross country for its novelty. Tours are offered in season.

Candia Vineyards
702 High St., Candia
(603) 867-9751

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