Author: Rebecca Lavoie

A Look at NH's Web Weavers

Each hour spent online offers a fresh assortment of wisdom, whimsy and wonder to our twitching typing fingers. Ever wonder who’s deciding what rises to the top of the info heap? The answer may be closer than you think.

The triumph of Challenger

Where were you? No doubt you remember where you were when you heard that the Challenger shuttle — with N.H.’s own Christa McAuliffe aboard — exploded. We re-visit that momentous time 25 years later.

The Unthinkable Fate of the Challenger Crew

The last words captured by the fight voice recorder in Challenger were not Commander Francis Scobee's haunting, "Go at throttle up." Three seconds later, Pilot Michael Smith uttered, "Uh oh," at the very moment that all electronic data from the…