Artist and Sculptor Boyan Moskov

Fun without function - surface design meets a simpler form

Artist/sculptor Boyan Moskov of Contoocook gets bored easily — even with his own very unique work. He is tired of functional pottery, disinterested in shiny glazes and doesn’t give a damn about traditional sources of inspiration. Everything he creates is directly from his mind. Building upon his past functional pieces, from bowls to teapots to large vessels, he has been driven to simplify the form, yet amplify the surface design. He says, “It’s not about traditional craftsmanship anymore — it’s about beauty.”

Moskov's work is now purely sculptural. Using the same stoneware body and minimal glazing, he is creating strong imagery with a simple rectangle of clay. He designs the slabs to stand upright and hold their own as an object of art without function, incising linear design and adding layer upon layer of texture. In a second firing, a touch of colored or white glaze adds further interest and depth.

When complete, his pieces look like objects discovered from an archeological dig — maybe even icons of a forgotten civilization or celestial gifts from another planet. Their size is limited by his kiln size, but Moskov hopes to soon be able to make larger pieces — monumental pieces.

His work has been continually changing over the past nine years since leaving Bulgaria for the New Hampshire home of his wife. “I create work that excites me and I don’t proceed until it is right,” says Moskov, relating that a critic said recently he would be famous in 40 years. Moskov  says, “I don’t think he knew I was already 40. I need to keep working and experimenting. When it is good, it has energy … it has joy.”

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