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In addition to the regular features and columns in New Hampshire Magazine, the following editorial calendar lists the story themes and titles planned for 2005. Each month also includes departments allowing statewide coverage of happenings, culture, and lifestyles in the Granite State.

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Editorial Calendar

January: NH Magazine HOME [Media kit (3.99MB)]

• Award-winning Vacation Homes
• Trends: Interiors and Exteriors
• Super Efficient Home Design
• Home & Garden Calendar
Deadlines – Space 11/15/04, Copy 11/19/04

February: Financial
• Charitable Giving
• Powerful Professors
• SENIOR LIFE: Safer Securities [Media
• Home: Modern Trends [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• Health: Cardiac Health Month [Media kit (3MB)]

Deadlines – Space 12/10/04, Copy 12/15/04

March: Real Estate
• Growth Chart: Fastest Growing Cities, Towns and Neighborhoods
• Health: Aesthetic Medicine [Media kit (3MB)]

• NH HOME: SPRING EDITION [Media kit (3.99MB)]
Deadlines – Space 1/14/05, Copy 1/19/05

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April: Top Docs
• Top Docs [Media kit (348K)]
• Outstanding Nurses
• Home: Remodeling [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• SENIOR LIFE: Patronage of the Arts [Media kit (3.52MB)]
Deadlines – Space 2/11/05, Copy 2/16/05

May: Women
• Remarkable Women: Mothers & Daughters
• Golf Tips for Granite Staters
• Home: Outdoor Oasis [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• Health: Pregnancy after 40 [Media kit (3MB)]

Deadlines – Space 3/16/05, Copy 3/21/05

June: Summer Fun
• Weekend Adventures, Rainy Day Tours
• A Visit to the Isles of Shoals
• NH HOME: SUMMER EDITION [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• SENIOR LIFE: Vacations [Media kit (3.52MB)]
• Health: Hair Loss and Replacement [Media kit (3MB)]

Deadlines – Space 4/15/05, Copy 4/20/05

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July: Best of NH
• The Best of NH 2005
• NH Home Builders Cornerstone Awards [Media kit (3.99MB)[
• The Music Scene
• Health: Podiatry [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 5/13/05, Copy 5/18/05

August: Top Dentists
• Private Schools
• SENIOR LIFE: Aging in Place [Media kit (3.52MB)]
• NH’s Best Dentists
• Home: Cool Design [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• Health: Back Care [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 6/17/05, Copy 6/21/05

September: Wellness
• Granite Fitness Gurus
• HOME: AUTUMN EDITION [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• Scenic NH: 10 Towns that Time Forgot
• Health: Stem Cell Research [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 7/15/05, Copy 7/20/05

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October: The Law
• NH’s Best Attorneys
• SENIOR LIFE: Senior Law [Media kit (3.52MB)]
• Home: Kitchens & Baths [Media kit (3.99MB]
• Health: Breast Cancer [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 8/18/05, Copy 8/24/05

November: Holidays
• The Ultimate Holiday Guide
• Select Salons: We Pick the Best
• WINTER GUIDE: Hot Stuff for Cold Days
• Home: Dining Room Furnishings [Media kit (3.99MB)]
• Health: Macular Degeneration [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 9/16/05, Copy 9/21/05

December: Dining & Entertaining
• Christmas in the North Country
• SENIOR LIFE: Collegetown Convenience [Media kit (3.52MB)]
• Home: The Entertaining Home [Media kit (3.99MB]
• Health: Sleep Clinics [Media kit (3MB)]
Deadlines – Space 10/14/05, Copy 10/20/05

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A collection of news, reviews and observations from all quarters of the state
featuring interesting people, new products, hot trends, surveys, statistics
and scenarios of life and business in the Granite State.


A look at some of the month’s most provocative, entertaining, or unusual events
and functions, plus a statewide calendar of the best things to do.

Cuisine and Dining Guide:

Meet the state’s celebrity chefs, learn their recipes, get ahead of culinary
trends and enjoy an exhaustive guide to the state’s best restaurants.


A visual feast presenting the best
in everything from fashion to architecture, culinary creations, handcrafted
jewelry, art and antiques.


Knock-out homes, elegant interior design, practical tools
and tips, seasonal advice from experts, architectural excellence, gardens and


Guided tours of the state’s most
enticing adventures and coziest accommodations admist lush natural beauty and
grand history.


Eavesdrop (and “eyedrop”) on the events and social gatherings of the Granite


The latest trends and developments
as well as the “Healthcare Heroes” who perform the everyday miracles of modern

Close Up:

but incisive interviews with some of the state’s most interesting personalities,
celebrities, and just plain folks with remarkable stories.


This bi-monthly section highlights the senior lifestyle in New Hampshire with
ways to make the very most of the Golden Years.

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New Hampshire Home & Garden 2005 Resource Directory is a new, annual publication targeting the Granite State’s most
affluent and desireable homeowners. Media Kit (981KB)

is a resource and relocation guide for New Hampshire
business and pleasure, distributed each September to travelers and decision
makers in and out of state.

Magazine’s BRIDE
, published each December,brims with ideas, style, decorator tips, and resources
and overflows with the joy of beautiful weddings hosted in the Granite State.

Special Advertising Opportunities

Wedding Guide: February, March, September, October
“Best of NH” Hall of Fame: July
Gift Guide: February, May, June, September, November, December
Cuisine and Dining Guide: Monthly trends and chef interviews
Great Escapes: March, April, September, October
Keepsake Calendar Insert: December, Sponsor a gift of the beauty
of NH.

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