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Not OK to Dis
While I enjoyed the article “How New Hampshire Created the Modern World” [June 2015], I find it offensive that the authors felt it was OK to openly dis the GOP by writing, “For better or worse the Republican Party was also conceived in Exeter …” Especially shortsighted when they write two sentences later that Amos Tuck called the GOP organizational meeting after breaking with the Democrat Party over the issue of slavery. The unnecessary comment marred an otherwise informative piece. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, we should be proud of our Republican Party heritage.

Dane Dasher

Missing “Best Of”s
I bought the Best Of NH edition magazine [July 2015] yesterday thinking there would be best farmstand, cider doughnut, etc., but I don’t see it in there. 

I’m an Agricultural Science graduate student at UNH so I have an interest in seeing agriculture represented in the Best Of issue. I recalled it being in there when I was a teenager and was curious why I haven’t seen it in the past several years. I think it was a very good way to connect people in our state with local farmers and food, which in return can really benefit growers and the community in encouraging the consumption of healthy foods and a connection with one’s local grower. Hope to see best farmstand in there again someday! 🙂

Kaitlyn Orde

Editor’s Note: We play with the choices from year to year, so it’s never a given that a certain Editor’s Pick will return (though many of them do). Our Readers’ Poll is a bit more consistent since those categories (pizza, beer, new restaurant, etc.) are perennial. One thing you can do, however, is look at the Best of NH list online ( and seek your desired item from a previous year. The chances are, a great cider doughnut place will still be making great cider doughnuts.

At What Cost?
I’m reading your story about the fishing industry changes [May 2015] and plan to use — and cite your work — in a story about changes to the coal industry. It should appear in this Sunday’s (July 19) issue of The Register-Herald in Beckley, W. Va. Oddly, some similarities in your world and mine. We can fish more and faster, mine more and faster, but at what cost? I liked your story very much. 

Pamela Pritt
Beckley, W. Va.

A Keeper
Thanks for your educational and mouthwateringly-written piece on NH oysters, Susan. It’s a keeper!

Ken Schuster

Great issue, as usual, this month. Especially enjoyed the Market Man article [“Blips,” July 2015]. We followed (like most NH-ites) the struggle between the factions involved in that battle and we were glad to see the boycott was successful. Can’t wait to see the NBTV production. Also, I was made to think a bit about Life and Death in your “Law”  article. I personally lean toward an individual’s right to make a choice as to how and when they die. I empathize with those who have been denied that right. All in all, a thought-provoking issue. See you next month.  

Pam Dexter

Important Point
The criteria for choosing a guardian [“Law,” July 2015] omitted a very important point; you should choose someone who will allow and encourage the children to maintain their relationship with their grandparents, cousins, etc.

Blaise Heroux

Our Flag is Just Fine
I could not help but to comment on the New Hampshire Magazine’s column, in the July 2015 issue, of the article about the New Hampshire state flag, “Need a Change?”

I have absolutely no understanding why the current NH state flag was judged one of the worst in the country by the N.A.V.A. Personally, there is absolutely nothing bad about the current design. [It] is wonderful, with the beautiful deep blue background and the large golden State Seal.

It is a pity the proposed design by Ed Mitchell of Philadelphia (of what he thinks the NH state flag should be redesigned as) reminds me of having overtones of a Southern Confederate States flag. Ed Mitchell’s proposed design of a new flag for New Hampshire is, in my view, one of the worst in the country.

I strongly suggest New Hampshire keep the current blue and gold State Seal flag, proudly unfurling as is!

Joe Sielicki
Amesbury, Mass.

A Place to Stay
This month you did an article on “A Place in the Sun” [“Retail,” June 2015] being Wolfeboro, which is where I work. My initial reaction to the article was wonderful because it put in place all the attractions of the town. But then I wondered, where do people stay when they come to peruse our shops? We have really nice places to stay in Wolfeboro, from cottages to inns to bed and breakfast places. We at Piping Rock Resort are a cottage and condo efficiency community that has been here since the 1950s.

Frances for managers
Gary and Carol George


Corrections: In our “Wild Harvest” story [August 2015], photographs inaccurately portrayed purple orpine leaves and  the chaga fungus. The correct photographs can be found online here. Also, in the August “Retro,” we said the Wilson Farm is in Wilton. It’s in Litchfield.


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