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Too Light
I couldn’t agree more with the comments from Debby Brigham in a letter to your magazine concerning the light print on light backgrounds that make for the most difficult reading. It is not only your magazine but the majority of publications that I get. 

Please take heed of this real problem for those of us that have vision problems, but I can imagine that everyone, good or bad vision, would agree that darker print is best. Maybe it’s considered “artsy” to print in such light colors or just maybe it’s a cost factor. 

We all pay good money and should be able to comfortably read what we pay for. Comments from you? Many thanks. 

Lissa Boissonneault
Sugar Hill

Editor's Note: We appreciate your letting us know about your difficulties with light type. We'll work to make sure everything is readable in future issues.

Congressional or Not?
In your August 2014 edition, an article in the [Blips] section titled "Reluctant Hero" incorrectly refers to the Medal of Honor as "the Congressional Medal of Honor." It is not "the Congressional Medal of Honor." It is simply "the Medal of Honor."

Bob Galster

Editor's Note: Our mistake. Here's an explanation for the persistent error that appears on the confusingly named Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation website: Myth: Our nation’s highest honor for valor in combat is the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Fact: While it is common for the Medal to be referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honor, the official name is the Medal of Honor. Perhaps the misunderstanding stems from the fact the Medal is awarded “in the name of the Congress.” Also confusing the issue is the fact that the Congress chartered the Society of living Medal of Honor recipients as the “Congressional Medal of Honor Society” in 1958.

None of this lessens our pride at having a local recipient of the Medal of Honor, Ryan Pitts, who we featured last month. We managed to get a great shot of him receiving his medal, which you can see here.

Making It Big
New Hampshire Magazine awarded us [Hermit Woods Winery] "Best Fruit Wine" in New Hampshire. Now our Petite Blue Reserve will be shared on "The Today Show" with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Wednesday, July 9. Thank you, Susan Laughlin, and New Hampshire Magazine!

Bob Manley

Editor's Note: Kathie and Hoda loved it!

Grandma on PBS
I read Barbara Coles' article for your magazine [August 2014] about the book, "Grandma Gatewood's Walk." I just wanted to follow up with you with some additional information.

A PBS documentary is being made about Emma Gatewood, which is scheduled for completion next May (in time for the 60th anniversary of her hike). It is being done by Eden Valley Enterprises and FilmAffects and will be broadcast by WGTE/PBS. The documentary is the final part of a larger project to document Emma's life.

Already completed are a storytelling program (with companion e-book and DVD) and a one-act play (both are available for presentations). You can find complete information at Eden Valley Enterprises/Grandma Gatewood program.

Bette Lou Higgins
Artistic Director
Eden Valley Enterprises

Worthy of the List
As a "soon to be" resident of New London, NH, I realized when reading the latest issue of NH Magazine that Millstone at 74 Main, located in New London, was not listed in the "Dine Out" section. 

We recently dined there and were very pleased with the menu selection, ambience and staff; even the owner stopped by our table to inquire if we were enjoying our meal.

Millstone at 74 Main should be included in your list of restaurants for the Dartmouth/Sunapee region. Check them out. You will be pleased you did!

Nina Tasi

Misplaced Praise
My name is Perrie Purcell and I am the new manager of Henrys’, New Castle. My fresh and talented team and I are very excited to receive this award [Best Tiny Local Lunch Spot] in recognition of our dedicated hard work. It’s so nice to be appreciated!

In the article printed in June, you attributed the success to the previous manager, who is no longer here, and the products you referenced were mine, not hers. I am sure you were unaware of the change of hands and would wish to print what is current and true.

In just a few months we have built up our clientele of both loyal locals and vacationers. We open from 7 a.m. for breakfast and then serve a range of delicious sandwiches, pizzas, small plates and salads for lunch. Current favorite is the turkey sandwich (turkey, herb mayo, cranberry chutney, sliced green apple and cheddar cheese served on ciabatta bread). We serve a full range of hot and cold coffees, teas, cold drinks and sweet treats, such as chocolate coconut macaroons. Homemade ice cream sandwiches are also a hit in the hot weather.

We have just launched our new website and our customers now have the ability to order online and pick up in 20 minutes. Check us out on Thank you for willingness to print a correction, and thank you again for the award.

Perrie Purcell

Summing It Up
I recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation at a friend's cottage in the Sunapee-Hanover region.

The first question I ask is "where's the New Hampshire magazines?" I immediately read through all the issues and learn about all the wonderful things to do & see in your lovely state!

I had taken this picture of my dog after a day of swimming and think it sums it all up nicely!

I love your magazine and vacationing in New Hampshire!

Mindy Kemp
Buffalo, NY


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