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Meeting a Legend
Two years ago I had the opportunity to display my “Amazing Fantasy 15” (first appearance of Spider-Man) mosaic in Stan Lee’s signing booth at the Boston comic con. At that time, I told his agent that I would do one for Stan. I had “Avengers 4” in mind featuring Captain America as that was the first big superhero that Stan was associated with back in the early 1940s

This year, I was able to coordinate with Stan’s agent to meet at the Boston comic con to gift the piece to Stan and the Stan Lee Museum. My son Jake made the trip with me, and Stan did a sketch cover drawing for Jake and personalized it to him. We were able to shake the hand of the legend that cocreated the Marvel universe — it was amazing for sure!

Matthew DiMasi

Editor’s Note: Matthew DiMasi received a Best of NH Editor’s Pick this year for his comic book mosaics. His letter refers to giving one of his creations to Stan Lee.

Better Than the North End
Seeing the face of Vito Marcello when I turned a page in my September issue gave me such pleasure [“Blips”]. Eating at Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro is a culinary peak experience. The warm and welcoming ambiance is laid-back sophistication. The extensive and eclectic ethnic menu is served by an impeccably efficient staff. Chef Vito produces innovative and traditional dishes to please any palate, and his creamy homemade gelato rivals and surpasses that in the North End.

Vito and his mother welcome all with more than the typical iconic Italian hospitality and, as a veteran travel writer and food critic, I constantly recommend this restaurant.

Good job, Jay Leno, for choosing Vito’s and good job, Editor Broussard, for a well-written article.

Bonnie Meroth

Donut Coincidence
I was recently vacationing at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and came across The Holy Donut, a great donut shop. While reading New Hampshire Magazine, I was reading the story “Taking the Leap” [“Food & Drink,” September 2017] and noticed that The Holy Donut (specializing in potato donuts) gave advice to Donut Love. What  a coincidence.

Great magazine. Thanks.

Adele Goyette

Meet Dr. Titus
I am writing this letter to you to suggest that you feature an article on the life of Dr. Titus Plomaritis in your New Hampshire Magazine. Dr. Plomaritis is now 81 years old and has published his autobiography “Titus: The Life Story of Dr. Titus Plomaritis.” He has quite the accomplishments. He excelled in football in Lowell, Massachusetts (he was the Tom Brady of his day), excelled in baseball, boxing, billiards, golfing, etc. Whatever he played, he was always top-notch. He joined the Army as a paratrooper and was stationed in Japan. He came back to Lowell to finish high school at Lowell High. He earned a full scholarship to Boston University, then went onto New York Chiropractic Institute for his degree as a chiropractor. He opened his practice in Pelham and stayed there until his retirement.

Beside his practice, he was very involved in politics. Dr. Titus was a campaign manager for former Governor Hugh Gallen and was appointed by the state to be the governor’s personal photographer. He was also very involved with the presidential campaign for Jimmy Carter in 1978. Dr. Titus headed many fundraisers throughout his life. In retirement he has started his own Plomaritis Family Foundation for scholarships for students from Lowell and Pelham.

Dr. Titus has helped so many people in his lifetime — it would be an honor to have an article about him in your magazine to tell people about what a wonderful man he is.

I hope you will consider an article in your wonderful magazine.

Doris M. Boulard

Editor’s Note: We always appreciate good suggestions for people we should know and introduce to our readers. In this case, you did such a nice job of summarizing a few of Dr. Titus’ notable accomplishments that the least we can do is publish your comments and provide a link ( for anyone interested in knowing more or purchasing his book. Thanks for writing.

“Best of NH” Thanks
I know I have you to thank for my prestigious “Best Desserts” award. I could hardly believe it when I came to page 77 in your July issue [“Best of NH 2017”]. I now feel pressured to really, really produce better desserts than I am doing now.

When my daughter Cynthia took over the management of the NASWA Resort, she told me she didn’t want me to sit and watch TV. Could I possibly make some homemade desserts for her Blue Bistro Restaurant at the resort? So, little by little, I arrived at where my desserts are now being awarded the best in New Hampshire, and I have you to thank for that honor.

Hope Makris


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