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Making Summer Last
Loved the late bloomers article [September 2015]. Are flowers so much more beautiful to me this year because the winter seemed so cruel and long? Thanks for giving us ideas to make the summer last even as the light of day grows shorter.

Cathy Mack

Couple of Things
Lou’s got mention in your Slice article in your August edition. I don’t understand why Lou’s is not listed in the restaurant guide section. This place has been outstanding for years and I’d be willing to bet the most well-known restaurant in Hanover. Let’s get that corrected!

The author describes Mt. Washington as the “highest peak in the eastern United States.” Not true, Mt. Mitchell, NC, is the highest at 6,684'. Clingmans Dome, Tenn., is the 2nd highest at 6,644'. Mt. Washington is well behind these two at 6,288'.

Here in NH we often forget these facts because we are so attuned to Mt. Washington and maybe do a little less research than we should when writing about it.

Another great issue … thanks!

Bill Zeiler

Editor’s Note: We wish we could include all the great restaurants of the state in each issue, but to be fair we juggle the list a bit each month. Lou’s is most worthy and will reappear. Sorry about the error regarding Mt. Washington. We know it’s actually the highest peak in the Northeast, not the East.

Right Name, Wrong Shop
You can imagine how disappointed I was when I read your article on modern fireplaces [“Home,” September 2015] and saw that you had my name attached to another fireplace shop.

Not only that, but my company received no recognition at all, even though [writer] Katie Curtis repeatedly refers to and quotes me. This is completely unacceptable, sloppy journalism on Ms. Curtis’ behalf.

What should have been a small publicity boon for my company has instead caused industry rumors about our buying another shop or being owned by them. As an industry leader trying to help you (and gain some small amount of free publicity), this has turned into a public relations disaster and damaged my reputation of over 40 years.

Jim Tully
Woodman’s Forge and Fireplace
East Wakefield

Dogs, Newts and the Bird
I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed July’s story on Dog Days. In the ’70s there was a hot dog stand on the main street in Concord and [I] would go get one and talk to the real nice gentleman that owned it during my lunch break.

I enjoy reading the magazine after I find the newts and try to find the bird. Gone through the book and could not find it until I got this issue and looked it up. My eyes are not what they used to be, so will not give up and will look again while reading it. Your New Hampshire Magazine brings back a lot of good memories for me.

Nancy DeGrandmont      
Cocoa, Fla. 

Editor’s Note: There’s still a great hot dog stand on Main Street in Concord (Puppy Love). All that’s required of Newt spotters is that they give us the pages on which the little critter is hiding.

A Story to Showcase
I’m a longtime reader, former resident, and fan of New Hampshire Magazine. I have been following the story of Alex Haas, the Mont Vernon man who was burned in the Color Play Asia event in Taiwan. I think it would be great to showcase his story, and possibly help the family out at the same time. While they have made great progress raising funds to get him back to the States, they have a long way to go. If you didn’t want to focus on the fundraising, perhaps you could focus on the work he was doing in Taiwan or the remarkable progress he has made this far.

Julie Pinard
Lowell, Mass.

 A Teensie Suggestion
I just love the magazine the way it is! Highly informative, great graphics/photos, neat places to visit and a comprehensive calendar of exciting stuff to do! Keep at it. Only possible teensie suggestion to keep the cost lower … while I really like it, the cover’s high gloss & stock weight, could you save some $$ by adjusting one or both of those qualities downward (just a bit)?

I admire the way you engage the reader with your advertisers via the newts & hawk — brilliant and fun and rewarding & a triple win.

Keep it up, and tell your supervisor to leave you alone, because you’re doing a great job.

Stasia Millett

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the suggestion. Fortunately we have a VERY helpful local printer (Cummings Printing in Hooksett) that keeps an eye on the bottom line for us, but I really appreciate your concern.

Getting to Know Us
I recently received and enjoyed my first copy of New Hampshire Magazine. We will be moving from Connecticut to New Hampshire (building in Landaff) later this year. I thought it would be a good way to get to know my new home.

I would appreciate if you could place a small outline map of New Hampshire with a colored in spot of the area talked about in the articles. I have to keep flipping to Wikipedia for the town’s location in New Hampshire.

Any chance you could cover a day trip to Littleton? That’s the closest “big” town for us to entertain guests. It looks like a quaint town.

Cathy Ferony
Landaff (soon)

Editor’s Note: We love any excuse to visit Littleton and will certainly be back there soon. As for your request for a map to point out the cities and towns we feature, we began including one in select departments a couple of months ago and plan to continue to assist our readers in their navigation of the state. Check out this and this to get started.


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