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Thanks for the Mention
I just wanted to thank you for covering Bedrock Gardens in your lovely magazine ["May Picks," May 2016]. I know you have lots of choices of wonderful places to cover and I am grateful you included us.

I am also glad the magazine is still around. I know publishing can be challenging.

You should swing by this season and take a tour (Saturday open houses at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.).
Thanks again.

Jill Nooney

Mission: Laughable
Okay, Rick. You got me good.

I picked up my copy of New Hampshire Magazine, admired the beautiful cover and turned to see what the editor had to say.

Good you weren’t in the room when I hurled the thing after reading your fake mission statement [“Editor’s Note,” May 2016]! Like I wasn’t livid enough, I picked it back up to read more. Knew I’d have a good rant about it with the hubby later.

THANK GOODNESS I took a second look! My rage turned to laughter, and I thought: “Now this is why I live in New Hampshire!” No one gives a hoot about “stockholder value through strategic … zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

I’m going to set my husband up and watch him freak out just like I did!

The issue was great. I like the new setup — and can’t wait to go explore lots of new places in the BEST STATE IN THE WORLD!!!

Thanks for a good laugh, Rick. I will approach the next issue with caution. (Ha ha.)

Sue Jenkins (loyal subscriber)

The Power of Hypnosis
I agree with these authors on the power and utility of hypnosis [“Health” April 2016].

As to their recommendation for credentials from one particular hypnosis association; many professional, credentialed hypnotists in the field have opinions different from those of the authors.

Although the cited organization is well-respected and has high standards, it is not the only respected hypnosis credentialing body. For example, the National Guild of Hypnotists is actually the largest association of hypnotists in the world, and there are others. None of these associations are sanctioned by the government, and that is as it should be. It is important to remember the history of hypnosis, which has been used, by different names, for all recorded history and is practiced by amateurs, entertainers and clinically by professionals.

In recent years, as the consensus for standardization and credentialing evolved, certification became necessary to hold oneself out as a certified or professional hypnotist. Understandably, our colleagues in mental health appreciate and utilize this powerful tool, and they are not alone. Dentists, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, investigative services and law enforcement and many more utilize hypnosis. Hypnotists from all fields join one or more credentialing bodies and associations and ascribe to professional and ethical standards.

So how is the consumer to choose a hypnotist? I believe it is important to look for membership and current certification in one of the major hypnosis organizations. In caring professions, current certification in their field is important. Some hypnotists have obtained certification in many specialty areas and display certification plaques, and some have too many for the wall to hold. There are also the usual indicators of reputable professionals and businesses such as the Better Business Bureau and chambers of commerce.

Hypnosis is a simple and yet powerful tool to help ordinary people make desired changes. It is also widely used by luminaries, professional athletes and Olympic teams. Because all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, it is also as safe as can be. Want to know more? You can google “hypnotists” in your area and give consideration to these recommendations.

Thom Bloomquist, MSN, CRNA, CH, FAAPM
Beyond Your Best, LLC (Hypnosis)

Fortunate Find
I just moved here from Upstate New York and can’t begin to tell you how fortunate I feel that I found your magazine featuring the top doctors in NH [April 2016]. It’s difficult to be in a new state and not know a thing about doctors or dentists in the area. So I thank you for enlightening me! I also am looking forward to your “best of” issue, which I’m positive will contain a wealth of information I can use!

I want to add that I really enjoyed reading your “Last Laugh” page (about the bug in the bathroom) [April 2016]. I don’t know which made me laugh more, the story or the picture! Funny stuff!

Thank you again for a wonderful magazine.

R. Gagnon

Favorites: Comments from Twitter
I am overjoyed to see Dr. DeMars on the cover of @nhmagazine. She is, quite literally, a life-saver.

Dean Barker, @deanbarker

These inspiring profiles of @nhmagazine’s 2016 Remarkable #NH Women are proof that #GraniteState women rock!

NH Women’s Foundation, @NHWomensFndn

Double Tap Love: Comments from Instagram

Very exciting to have my images included in the first newly redesigned issue of New Hampshire Magazine. I received my copy in the mail today and it looks wonderful! The focus on the people, places and events in the Granite State shines through. This May issue has two features about the women of NH. It’s a great honor to work with and be included in this debut to share my love for the Granite State with everyone.

Kathie Fife, @kathiefifenh

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