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Celebrate Them
I am enjoying the stories on “Game Changers” [May 2014]. I would enjoy seeing articles on high school students making a difference for their generation. We need to celebrate that generation a lot.

Eveline Provencher

Poor Choice
I’m really disappointed in your choice of Carla Gericke as one of New Hampshire Magazine's remarkable women of the year [“Game Changers,” May 2014]. Yes, she’s a really good, fearless cheerleader for the Free State Project. Another way to put this is that she is shamelessly promoting an organization that is really bad news for New Hampshire, and you seem to be either oblivious to this reality or are unconcerned about it.

I hope you’ll do some serious research on the Free State Project, and then will do some articles on what you find. I’d be glad to provide you with information that would assist you in this endeavor. There are a number of us out here (mostly “fearless” women who no one ever hears about), who are trying to protect New Hampshire from a libertarian invasion over the next few years. No, I am not a radical, paranoid person. I’ve done my homework.

Victoria Parmele

A bit surprised that you would recognize as a remarkable woman the leader of a cult; the Free State movement. Does the magazine also support the anarchistic activities of this cult that are plaguing Keene and other communities? This household will not subscribe to your magazine.

Bill Grenier
(no town)

Me Too
Your choice of Carla Gericke as one of the most remarkable women of 2014 shocks and saddens me. The Free State Project is nothing more than a cult — a bunch of narcissistic people with their anarchistic views who are attacking the [city] of Keene. Their overall agenda is to get 20,000 like-minded people to move to NH and then threaten secession if the government does not give in. I would think there are far more deserving women in NH who are truly doing remarkable things.

Sally Thomas

Editor's Note: Always sorry to disappoint anyone, but the idea behind our Remarkable Women issue is to tell the story of how women are uniquely influencing life in New Hampshire. With a topic like "Game Changers," it seems like Carla Gericke was a good choice and she certainly aroused some remarks. This is just a sampling of the negative mail her selection inspired.

They Started It

I am writing in response to the [Upfront] article in the April edition of your magazine. It was the section on the axe throwing at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield. Former employees David and Sherry Kilson of Dalton, NH, are the ones who brought the axe throwing sport to the hotel. The year was 2007. We taught and demonstrated axe throwing to the guests. We have been competing in lumberjack competition for 25 years. We taught Bobbi Sue when she took over as the activities director. She has gotten very popular with it, but she did not start it. Could you please take note of this and say something in your next edition?

Sherry and David Kilson

Great Stories
I was delighted by the excellent story about the synchronized swimmers [“Synch & Swim,” April 2014].  My granddaughter, who is only just 2 years old, is already a fearless little swimmer and will be moving to the Bedford area from California shortly. I’m betting that she will be tickled to have such an exciting and beautiful sport to engage in. Thanks so much for giving us a close-up look at a sport not so universally understood.

The article titled “The Perks of Pets” [Seniority, April 2014] also interested me. Up here in the Littleton area there is a lady who raises Bernese Mountain Dogs and uses them to educate folks on the value of dogs as therapy animals. She takes them to nursing homes, hospice facilities and hospitals. I found it inspiring to read about others who share their pets with folks who need encouragement.

Pam Dexter

Burger Trek
We are from Manchester and Lexie’s Joint in Portsmouth is a favorite so far including their fries. We are keeping a log on each location describing and rating each burger on a scale of 1 to 10. We are lovin’ and look forward to our weekly trip.

So far our quest to find the ultimate burger has taken us to eight locations. One of our favorite stops was a “burger joint” attached to an auto body shop on the seacoast. There was a line to be seated at lunchtime but it was well worth the wait. We will be glad to send you photos (see below). We are having a great time traveling the state and experiencing burgers from dives to fine dining. With over 65 eateries listed on your “burger guide,” we should be completed in about a year. To be continued …

“The Burger Trekkers"
Ray and Marie Kohler

Needs a GPS
I am probably not the first to bring this to your attention but it would appear that the article [“Weekender,” May 2014] should have been titled Historic Derry and Londonderry.  The B&B mentioned is in Londonderry as well as the Town Pound on Mammoth Road. As for the Plummer’s Tavern at the intersection of 102 … even Google cannot find it. Guess [the] writer was tired by Sunday afternoon and lost track of where she was.

Barbara Lynch

Editor's Note: Plummer's Tavern was cited as a piece of town history. The Coach Stop Restaurant and Tavern now occupies the spot where it once served thirsty travelers.

A Treasure
We thoroughly enjoyed the creativity, artistry and sensitivity displayed in Karrah Kwasnik’s “The Organic Year.” [April 2014]What a talent, we would love to see more! Thank you to New Hampshire Magazine for unearthing this treasure.

Tammy & John Irish


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