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Winner Says “Thanks!”
I just recently received the prize of two stone wine glasses from Sea Stones of Windham for spotting the Newt in the April issue of your magazine. They are truly unique and will be enjoyed on many an occasion. Thank you for allowing me to be the fortunate winner of your contest.

Robert Ruopp

A Break from the Bikes?
I know it’s short notice, but a lot of people in NH don’t like motorcycle week.

It would be really great if you wrote about alternatives, special places where the roar of the engine is minimized where we could go to escape.

What a concept (!) where everyone else is glamorizing this event. A new angle for this invasion.

Camille (no last name given)

Teachable Moment
I wanted to email you and let you know how much I enjoy New Hampshire Magazine. I have an idea for feature article — how about one on teachers? There are so many great teachers in NH (my daughter being one) that work really hard and don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

Just my thoughts.

Bonnie Quinn

Editor’s Note: A great suggestion, Bonnie. We’ll see what we can do.

Quit Complaining
I just finished reading May 2016 Feedback and am so done with people complaining about the magazine. I never have a problem with the covers because “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

Many people are grateful to learn of doctors in their area they were unaware of. I was born in NH, 1952, visited a friend in California in 1978 and the rest is history. I’m always grateful and proud to receive my magazine and will continue to renew my subscriptions. California is only where I “hang my hat,” because NH will always be in my soul and I’m proud of it. There’s no place like home.

Live Free or Die.

Donna Place
​Crestline, Calif.

P.S. Don’t have a computer — thank you for taking my letter.

Editor’s Note: Happy to hear from a fan via any form of communication.

A Poet and He Knows It
Each year about this time, or at least so it would seem/That I pick up, to peruse, my New Hampshire Magazine.

It is my favorite monthly, containing all I need to know/About my favorite state — what’s happening — where to go.

You have even printed, in the “letters,” a little poem I wrote/Now I send another (tongue in cheek) a little fun to poke/Regarding this month’s issue, “Top Docs,” a yearly entry, it appears to be.

One that’s disconcerting — at least it is to me.

It seems to me that the “Top Docs” all work in the bottom of the state/Which means the Bottom Docs work North of Concord, boy what a fate.

My memory since childhood, North of Concord means the sticks — remote!/While we are last in most services we are among the first to vote!

Up here we get the very best of what the good Lord can give us /Forests and mountains and clean air, the best lakes and clearest rivers.


I’m sure there are many “docs and nurses” working in the medical field/That serve up here, in the sticks, many people they have healed.

It must not be very easy to gain fame and win renown/When you might be the only doctor serving in more than one town.

But they keep on “keeping on” without even a little hint/That they care a whit about seeing their name in print.

But, somehow, it seems to me, there must be some way/To give the “bottoms and the middles,” a very special day.

M. Wayne Hamel

Moose Solution
I moved to New Hampshire (North Haverhill to be specific) three years ago from New Mexico, and before then, Gloucester, Mass. I have never lived in a small town, and indeed, this is one. No stoplight yet! It is a most beautiful landscape at any time of the year. I like almost everything about it. I live in a cabin in the woods by myself with my dog. That’s more than you probably wish to know. The reason I’m writing is that the news about the moose, their young and the ticks is very upsetting. Everyone is talking about it around here — that is, if they are not talking about the upcoming election.

I heard this suggestion: since we are in hunting, fishing and shooting territory, why not have a lottery (or something) and let people go out with dart guns filled with the [tick-killing] Frontline to shoot the moose, so as to protect them. Is this too easy a solution? I can’t see that anyone is doing anything about this tragedy.

Myfanwy Phillips
North Haverhill

Editor’s Note: We contacted Kris Rines, moose biologist at NH Fish and Game, who said she appreciated the thought but refers you to their web page devoted to Moose in NH to see what the department is doing on this TICKlish matter. 

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