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Not Peck
I really enjoy your magazine. But in the current issue, in the story mentioning Lolita [“How NH Created the Modern World,” June 2015], it says Gregory Peck played Humbert Humbert. Wasn’t it only James Mason in the 1962 film, and Jeremy Irons in the 1997?

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. I’ll use the issue and the site to plan some summer excursions.

And come and see “The Sound of Music” at the New London Barn Playhouse, July 1-19! I’m playing Max Detweiler.

Eric Zengota

Thumbs Up
I love the current June issue, but was somewhat dismayed when I saw the ice cream listings. This may sound like a stage mother, but I saw nothing about the Common Man homemade ice cream. It is indeed homemade — by my son Andrew. He is a middle school social studies teacher in the North Country. In order to pay for his gas to go to his job, he needs to work a second job. That job is making all the Common Man ice cream in batches of three cans each. Town Docks in Meredith and Frosty’s Scoops in Plymouth as well as all the Common Man restaurants serve only his ice cream.

Also, one of the flavors that is getting known once people taste it  is our old family recipe, which is lemon ice cream, known in our family as lemon sherbet. He formulated it for the ice cream machine several years ago, and everyone who tastes it loves it. It is made the old-fashioned way with hand-squeezed lemon juice,  hand-grated lemon rind and the other normal ingredients for churned ice cream. This is one-of-a-kind, and is only served at Common Man facilities.

Many people I know agree that the Common Man ice cream is the absolute best they’ve ever tasted!

Ruth Munroe

Loved It All
Last month I couldn’t locate the elusive 4th newt and even when I looked this month on page 77 of last month’s issue, I wasn’t able to find him without a magnifying glass. Glad to see they have all grown into their customary size. My vision these days is a little less than perfect (and I’m sure many of your readers have similar issues) and those itty-bitty newts are a trial to find.

I enjoyed, but was a bit taken aback, by some of the info in the fisheries article [“Sea Changes,” May 2015]. Didn’t realize the severity of the situation and we will be testing some of the more plentiful but less well-known species. 

The REALLY BIG FAMILY story was very interesting and, in spite of many people’s opinion, I think that for every large family there are many who have, from choice, no children so it all evens out in the end.

Enjoying this month’s issue a lot, especially the “Wild and Weird Animals” [June 2015].  We are blessed to have had all of them visit our yard in the past few years but still I learned a number of things I didn’t know. Loved the drawings and Mr. Sutherland’s presentation of the facts. Thanks for a great issue. 

Pam Dexter

Love Her Letter!

A Level of Legitimacy
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful and incredibly well-written article you wrote about my young business, King Street Vineyards [“Cuisine,” May 2015].  I have had a number of acquaintances mention to me over the past few weeks how lovely an article it was — more than a dozen!  It’s given this tiny “hole-in-the-wall” little nursery of mine a level of legitimacy. It was such a nice thing for you to write.  Again, thank you so much.

David E. Quigley

“Go To” Resource
Just wanted to congratulate you on the latest issue of NH Magazine.

Thought it provided a compendium of what, where, when and how to enjoy the Granite State this summer.

I liked the format used — very easy to read — and highlighted in a short set of words the importance of each location.

Without a doubt you have brought the magazine to be the “go to” resource of what to do in the state.

Have a wonderful summer up there. With the good Lord’s blessing we should be returning to our home state very soon.

Bill Carr
Louisville, Ky.

A Star or Line, Please
I would find it useful if you would include a map of New Hampshire somewhere in the pages of your “Weekender” segment in your magazine. This “map” only needs a line or star showing the location of the area you are featuring. This would show readers and potential tourists what region of NH they will visit.

Michelle Desbiens

Editor’s Note: Done and done. You’ll see the new map on this month’s “Weekender.” And here’s one for your region in thanks for your suggestion.

Going On in Gilmanton
I can’t thank you enough for the lovely article in NH Magazine  [“Labor of Love,” June 2015].  We actually had a couple stop by the farm on Friday as a result of the article. Very exciting.

I noticed several references to our beautiful town under Cultural Corrosion [“How NH Created the Modern World”]. We are well versed in the history of Herbert Webster Mudgett and as a board member of the Gilmanton Historical Society we have done several presentations on him. In addition, I went to school at the Gilmanton Academy (now the Town Hall) when Grace Metalious wrote “Peyton Place.”  Her husband, George, was the principal at the time and I went to school with her three children. 

I do have a suggestion for your July issue if you wish to continue with the flower theme.  Carolyn and John Dickey own Parsonage Daylily here in town. Their display gardens are at their peak in July and they have many photos of them. Of importance, their display garden won the prestigious AHS Display Gardens in New England award.  

Paula Gilman

Backyard Visitor

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Mary Noce of Bow for sending along this photo of a bobcat that appeared in her back yard on Memorial Day.  Wondering what’s on the grill, perhaps. We think it’s cute that it’s imitating the pose illustrated by artist Marc Sutherland in our June story “Our Wild and Weird Animals.”

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