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A Place to Call Their Own
There is a place to explore in the near future … Poor Tom’s Tavern in Meriden, NH.

All of Meriden has been dying to have a place to call our own and this new watering hole/tavern is just what we all need. It just broke ground and the walls and roof are up so not ready yet, but soon it will be a hopping place. The owner is amazingly funny and will be the highlight of the tavern for sure!

Thanks. Love that I got a subscription for Christmas last year … so great this magazine!

Steph Berman

Lovin’ It
Absolutely love your magazine. In fact, I am about to renew my subscription and send a gift copy to my new neighbor from New Jersey. He shares my enthusiasm about your magazine.

Verna Boudreau

Phantom Listing
The Thompson House Eatery (T.H.E.) in Jackson has sadly been closed since 2013. Having enjoyed the food, the staff and the setting every time we visited the Jackson area, we were saddened to learn of their decision, but understanding of it at the same time. Why then do you continue to include it in the restaurant listing in New Hampshire Magazine? You are only giving its fans false hope.

Dianna and Mike Babcock

Editor’s Note: Sorry about the false hope and thanks for letting us know. We’ve made the change in our restaurant listings. By the way, this is a good chance to offer a plug for our online listings. We’re only able to include an abbreviated version of all the great dining spots around the state in our print edition, but we maintain an extensive list of cuisine resources accessible at

We’ve Got Class
I love your magazine right down to the paper it’s printed on. The articles are great and represent NH very well. You’ve got class!

Donna Williams

Seeking Unsought Gifts
Wanted to take this opportunity to say thank-you for another great year. I truly enjoy every page of your magazine and compliment you on keeping it always interesting and consistently enjoyable.

As I move forward into 2016, you’ve inspired me to find the “unsought gifts” even more [Editor’s Note, December 2015]. I’ve always been a believer in this philosophy. What a wonderful New Year’s resolution! May we all pull through life’s difficulties and in the end always try to find an upside or a deeper meaning to our tribulation. Thank you for the reminder.

Cathy Mack

One Sought Gift
I am a current subscriber to New Hampshire Magazine. I recently read your review of  Edie Clark‘s book “As Simple As That.” [“Bookshelf,” December 2015] I would like to purchase this book as a Christmas gift but have been unable to locate the book. Do you know where I can purchase [it]?

Glenda Johnson
[Town withheld]

Editor’s Note: Good independent bookstores like Toadstool should have it. You can also purchase it through Edie Clark’s website at

A Worthy Plug
Would you consider inserting a plug for Breathe New Hampshire’s Fun Pass? It’s a great deal and offers families many discounts at ski area discounts: Attitash Mountain coupon – save $50; Black Mountain coupon – save $55; Cannon Mountain coupon – save $52; Gunstock Mountain – up to $53; Loon Mountain – save $63; Lost Valley Ski – save $35; McIntyre Tubing – save $19; Mount Sunapee – save $54; Pats Peak Ski Area – save $46 Ragged Mountain – save up to $49; Waterville Valley – up to $55; Wildcat Mountain – save $50.

If families discovered a way to save money via your magazine, [I] think that would enhance the value.

Dan Fortin
Breathe New Hampshire

Editor’s Note: Glad to assist a worthy non-profit such as Breathe NH, plus this list is a valuable addition to an issue with a feature story all about skiing in NH.

Newt Hunter
I have replied to the newt search every month since I started getting NH Magazine. I have to go through the magazine cover to cover several times. [It] is a great way to get readers to view all the ads in the magazine.

I love the magazine! Love reading about places to visit, and explore and learning about the history of NH. I look forward to the monthly calendar of events for things to do (my favorite section).

I use the info for my own and to plan outings for my social seniors group I run. The Keene Senior Center has a subscription and the magazine is a favorite in our library. We went on a road trip to visit all the cool cemeteries in the October issue.

I’d love to see a story on the ice castle in the White Mountains this winter. Or places to visit/see during the winter months, actually all year-round.

The magazine is great, informative and has easy and informative reading.

Thank you for putting out a great magazine for New Hampshire residents, and beyond.

My adult children use it for ideas of places to visit in NH as well.

Jacqueline Sendrowski

P.S. Is there a specific address for Sight the Hawk?

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. This month’s story on “Ski Country” should be of interest to you. It offers a number of winter destinations even to non-skiers. You can also visit our Guide to Winter for many more fun outdoor activities including the ice castle. Entries to our Sight the Hawk contest should go to the same address as Spot’s:


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