Your Letters From the February 2014 Issue

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Found It
My wife and I read the article “Free Trees! (Almost)” in your December issue. We’re always looking for an excuse to go to the White Mountains so we packed up and headed to the Visitor Center in Lincoln where we obtained our $5 permit to cut a tree in the White Mt. National Forest. We then checked into our hotel and started our search. 

We spent one and a half days hiking through six inches of snow, seeing lots of moose, deer and rabbit tracks; flushing up a partridge and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful country! We finally agreed on our “perfect” Christmas tree and, with a bow saw and axe in hand, cut it down and headed home. What a wonderful adventure!

Thanks so much for all your great articles … keep up the good work! We love your magazine!

Ed and Barbara Fletcher

Transmission Omission
The one thing that was never mentioned in the Northern Pass issue [January 2014] is that the project is not being built for New Hampshire. Northern Pass wants to use (exploit) our state to get to where all its customers are in Massachusetts and Connecticut. New Hampshire is simply an inconvenient geography that is in the way. “Doormat” and “conduit” to these states are other terms often used to describe this.

To change the image of this beautiful state from The Old Man of the Mountain to a thousand 100+-foot towers so two populated states can be sold electricity is simply a greedy atrocity.

Samuel D. Bird III

Great Service
Thank you for the Medical Directory. I think that is a great service to your readers.

Eveline Provencher

Getting Framed
When I read this short story [“Common Experience,” January 2014], I just wanted to see it.  So I talked my husband into driving from Campton to Portsmouth to buy him lunch and take the dogs on a nice walk. We enjoyed seeing this sculpture in person and loved New Castle too. Thank you for always providing great things to see in NH.  I truly love your magazine and give it as gifts to my family and friends.

Kathy Cloud

Loving Local
During this Christmas season, I am constantly reminded to buy local. I started to think that it’s an idea that’s great but fades away with the holiday. I think that every month in your magazine you should feature something made in NH.  Just a half-page ditty — nothing extravagant. It should be a product that is something the average person struggling with a budget could choose to purchase — to make a difference. I don’t care if it’s a bar of soap, wooden toys, greeting cards. Again, it should appear monthly to keep the “buy local” thought in our heads all year long.  And finally, as we are the United States, I think in the corner of the same article in a small 2" x 2" box area, you could show a pic of an item made in America and the manufacturer and location. For instance, show a wrench, something that everyone would buy, and write up: Silver Wrench, manufactured by Silver Tools Company, Small Town Idaho. Let’s keep America strong! What do ya think? 

Rose Melanson

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the suggestion. We had a similar thought some months ago and hope you enjoy our feature story in this issue on iconic things made here.

Nicest on Earth
Loved the “IT List” and “Bringing the Holidays Home.” We try to purchase gifts that are made in NH and, of course, the tree has to be real and local. I work at The Rocks Estate and am fortunate to have access to the nicest trees on earth. Please keep up the good work.

Pam Dexter

Great Reunion
In one of your recent issues I saw an ad for Nelson’s Candies. Doug Nelson is a cousin whom I hadn’t heard or seen in many years. We had a great phone reunion. I’d had no idea he was operating that shop in New Hampshire.

Edith W. Page

Getting Closer
As I mentioned in an earlier letter, we are securing another place in North Carolina, which has been successful. One step closer to New Hampshire. We are hoping to ride up to the cabin over Christmas break sometime, although opinion from the “other” side is that we should be getting the new house in order to move in January or February. John is probably right even though I hate to concede, it is so unlike me. I think in another couple weeks, the New Hampshire spirit will be calling him loudly and he will see himself sitting in front of the fireplace, warm coffee in hand, watching for the squirrels and deer to come through the snow-covered yard … I may get my wish. And what is Christmas without a drive by Mt. Washington Hotel with the horse sleigh, dog sledding, skiers? Can’t have a winter season without onion soup from Mr. Pizza in Gorham! Makes my heart swell. I am truly in love with New Hampshire. Take a look at my picture. 

Lyn Scott
San Antonio, Texas

Snowy Retreat
What to do on a snowy, icy day when you have a cold … Put your “I [heart] Lucy” pjs on, make a cup of chai tea, share your bed with your two pups (Chica at the bottom of the bed and Diego resting his paw on me) and read my NH Magazine.  

Thank you!  

Denise Coll
Dragonfly Manor, Raymond