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One Quick Fix
Thanks for the great article on hiking that features a number of NH Audubon sanctuaries [“Outsider,” July 2017].

We really appreciate the coverage, and are proud of the many hiking options available on our properties — thanks for helping to get the word out about them.

The photo at the top of the article is actually a photo of ours, of the Silk Farm Sanctuary meadow trail (I took it during a group outing looking for butterflies at our Pollinator Party last June). I’m hoping you might be able to change the photo caption/credit online, then I can post the link to all our social media outlets.

Again, thanks for the great article!

Dyanna Smith
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

New Hampshire Audubon

Editor’s note: Our apologies for the error — it has been corrected online.

Missing the Original
You listed La Carreta Mexican Restaurant as best in three categories: burritos, Mexican restaurant and tacos [“Best of NH,” July 2017].

However, in all three listings you indicate they are located in Derry, Manchester and Hooksett.

La Carreta in Nashua opened in 1998, before any of the other locations was even considered. The Nashua restaurant is nearly always crowded and probably serves almost as many patrons as the other three combined.

 Please make sure readers know that the Nashua restaurant is the original in NH!

Calvin Knickerbocker

Editor’s Note: Thanks for bringing the missing location to our attention. La Carreta is a longtime Best of NH winner, and we regret the omission in the 2017 Best of NH listings. It has been corrected online.

Thanks for the Ideas
The Cheshire County Historical Society is sponsoring a fun “take Aunt Cora with you on vacation” to go along with the Quigley art exhibit they have going. Because of New Hampshire Magazine, we knew of the sand sculptures at Hampton Beach, and we enjoyed an afternoon there and had fun with Aunt Cora. Now, I sit on my porch in Marlow, reading and having some tea, enjoying the NH weather — with Aunt Cora. Next week, I am hoping we journey to Jackson to enjoy the flower/art walk. Oh, and for Father’s Day (today) I picked up some White Mountain gin made by Tamworth Distillery — another place I learned of through New Hampshire Magazine — for my husband. Thanks! 

Donna Chase

Setting the Wall Record Straight

I enjoy your New Hampshire Magazine each month and look forward to doors opening all around the state.

And some errors happen.

But if your subject is surfing on NH coast, then the author should set facts correctly.

“The Wall” is not south of Hampton Beach [“Choose Your Own Adventure,” June 2017]. It is in Hampton Beach, which has two main sections: The Center and North Beach.

The Wall has been in North Beach for over 80 years. It is the surfing spot in NH — it’s where the big guys, the real surfers, gather for big waves.

There is a history to the Wall —  stories, climate change info, history and reader interest.

The Wall went from being a protection against the ocean swamping Route 1A and beach houses to a family-friendly wall to enjoy that you can run on or sit on to watch sunrises, to “The Wall,” which is really only the section between 9th and 12th streets! Surfer Land.

[No town given]

Missed the Waiver
I enjoyed your “Seniority” article on going back to school [July 2017], but was surprised that you left out one of the best (and least well-known) educational options available to seniors in the state. That is the NH Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver.

We recently retired and moved from Kentucky to NH to be closer to family. One of the factors in the decision of where to move was the availability of such free secondary education programs. With an undergraduate degree in business and several (don’t ask) MBAs, I wanted liberal arts courses in
English, art and history. In the past two years, I’ve taken four classes and have enjoyed them immensely. I have tried online courses, but for me there is no substitute for the in-class participation. These are bright kids and I have learned as much from them as from the instructors. The only out-of-pocket costs are books, parking sticker and coffee at the Union. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants the challenge and stimulus of being back in the classroom, regardless of the course matter.

Registration for fall 2017 opens July 19 and classes start on August 28. See you at the Union.

Rod Helwig

Editor’s note: Learn more about the waiver at the UNH Continuing Education website,

Good Luck
I just read the article “Woodland Medicine” by Tiffanie Wen [“First Person,” July 2017]. Great article, but she is apparently not very concerned about deer ticks and Lyme disease. She is pictured “forest bathing” in a heavily wooded area with loose clothing and nothing on her head. Hope she remains among the lucky ones.  She could have set a better example for the rest of us by covering up a bit more.

I get the same emotional and spiritual natural high by walking on New Hampshire ocean beaches when there are few people. Plus, no deer ticks, no worries.

Carolyn K. Winsor

Practiced Bather
Let me preface by saying that the article “Woodland Medicine” on forest bathing sounds like a great idea. I also had to chuckle because I live in the woods of northern New Hampshire, so I have done this for 39 years. I have been telling people what a difference it makes in my day.

Definitely a stress reliever, and I delight  in the way the seasons change what I am looking at.

Bonnie White


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