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Took Us Along
I know some magazines show their readers in various places, with the magazine. Although I haven’t seen that before in NH Magazine, I thought I’d attach a pic for you anyway from our vacation [to Oahu, Hawaii] over the holidays!

Rick and Debbie Farr


A Second 100 Years
Your March 2015 feature of our historic Palace Theatre was, in a word, “magnificent.” You truly  captured the flavor and essence of what the Palace Theatre is all about. 

The Palace is a tribute to friends’ assistance and trust. Over the years, hundreds and hundreds of citizens held the future of the theatre in their caring hands.

Thank you for your support and special recognition. We are well on our way to a second hundred years.

Sylvio Dupuis

Instrumental in Renewal
I was really enthused reading about the Palace Theatre in Manchester [“Centerstage,” March 2015]. This was very well done. I was not aware that the Bean Foundation was instrumental in renewing the theatre. I worked for the Manchester Bank and was not aware that Mr. Bean, who was head of the bank where I worked, was instrumental in keeping the theatre going. I’m glad that all efforts were made to keep it functioning. Thank you for a great issue. 

Blanche L. Proulx

Blessed with Bluebirds
I was very happy to see your article on bluebirds in NH [Upfront, March 2015]. We’ve been blessed here in Windham to have a group of eight bluebirds winter at our bird feeders for several years now. I put up nesting boxes last year and I believe that some of the present flock must be the hatchlings from last summer. I feel bad for them,  struggling to find food in this terrible cold and snow, and I tend to cater to their needs with meal worms, suet nuggets and they love low-quality ground hamburg, the cheaper the better. Thanks for your great magazine; I sit down to read it the second it hits the mailbox. 

Sheryl Murphy

Changing Grades
We enjoyed the “Making the Grade” article by Keith Raho in the March edition of NH Magazine and thought you would be interested in the recently revamped maple grading system.  I’ve attached a press release we plan to send out to all media next week and copies of the graphics (a poster). Thanks!

Gail McWilliam Jellie, Director
Division of Agricultural Development
NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food


How Progressive
I was so happy to read your article “Health Splurge” in the current NH Magazine — you hooked me on hint #1, and excitedly read it aloud to my husband, as it rang true with our approach. Finally! Someone trumpeting portion-appropriateness! Actually, after this article (and several other good ones in the issue) I said, somewhat sarcastically, “Wow, it makes it sound like we really did move to a progressive state.” (I am a native Californian, my Midwestern husband’s kids live in Boston; we moved to New Hampshire three years ago to be nearer the grandkids. We’re accustomed more to what might be considered “liberal” ideas.)

The only thing you missed was listing what we have delightedly found to be a top-notch Thai restaurant (also great Korean dishes), right here, miraculously, in Franklin: Asian Delight. Worth a trip up here  — we always take family members who are visiting, from all over the country, and never been disappointed. Thanks for a really great article!

Karen Darling

Graffiti Lessons
I am an art teacher at John Stark High in Weare, NH. I am in need of some contact information for Adam Brown who owns Streetwise Bike and Paint in Nashua, who you did a story about in April 2013 [Graffiti: Is it Art?]. We are interested in having him come to our school and teach students about graffiti but I cannot find a phone or e-mail for him. I was hoping you might help me locate this information so I can contact him?

Bess Robblee
John Stark Regional High School


Glad to help. Adam Brown is most easily found on Facebook but his Streetwise Graffiti Bike and Paint is still in operation at 147 Temple St. in Nashua.

Twenty Shops in 20 Miles
We tremendously enjoyed the great article Antiquing in Milford and Wilton in the March issue [Weekender]. It illustrated how many wonderful shops are here locally and how antiquing can be a fun day trip. Antiquing in Southern NH has become a great destination with over 20 shops within 20 miles.

Thank you for featuring New Hampshire Antique Co-op!

The Hackler Family

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