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On a Burger Trek
We were thrilled with the Burger Guide [March 2014] issue. So much so that we have started a burger trek and once a week we will try a hamburger at each locale listed on the guide. We are burger connoisseurs and once our trek is completed, we will be sure to let you know our vote for the best burger in the state. Fries are being tested as well. As long-time subscribers, NH Magazine is our best guide for activities and sites to see in our great state.

Ray and Marie Kohler

Editor’s Note: Keep us posted as you explore and we might include periodic updates on your “trek” here or in the enhanced online version of our burger guide.

Doctors' Day
I have been a subscriber to your magazine for many years and look forward to receiving each and every issue. The April issue is one of my favorites because it is devoted to recognizing some of the extraordinary physicians we are so fortunate to have in New Hampshire. 

National Doctors’ Day is March 30, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to recognize our doctors for the outstanding, professional care they provide throughout the year. Our lives have all been touched by their compassion and caring, and we should be grateful for their dedication and commitment to our well-being and good health. We can thank them for all they do by honoring their special day with a card, personal message of gratitude or flowers.   

Rosemary Dettelback                     

Editor’s Note: This isn’t one of the holidays that has earned a section of the Hallmark greeting card aisle, so thanks for letting our readers know.

Touching Lives
You recently ran an article on UNH alum Kacey Bellamy regarding the Olympics in Sochi [“Blips,” January 2014]. Several years ago when she was playing at UNH still, I happened to be at Colgate University and they were playing there.

As a UNH alum myself who now lives in the southern tier of NY, I do not get to see UNH hockey very often, so I went to the game taking my young daughter. Kaleigh and I were in the lobby when the team walked through to head back to the ice to start another period and my daughter was very excited to see the hockey girls up close. Kacey smiled and waved to her and my daughter has not forgotten that to this day. During the entire Olympics we would watch the women’s team and she would hunt for #22 or “her girl,” as she likes to call her. I would love to be able to share that story with Kacey.  She has touched many young lives and probably doesn’t even realize it.

Megan Brown
Endicott, NY

NH's Wide Window
Great work on the February issue, especially the article “Romancing the Stars.” While we all know New Hampshire offers great sights from elevations both low and high, the photos of Christopher M. Georgia ( helped me appreciate the wide window New Hampshire’s dark places provide to the starry world above. Although I haven’t had luck seeing the aurora borealis in person, the tips provided in this article will no doubt increase my chances in the near future!    

Keith Raho

Thoughts for the Future
I love your publication. You always seem to find interesting subjects. Even though you may have already interviewed him, I’d love to  hear more from Rick Van de Poll, the mushroom expert. How the foragers circle has grown and what he sees as expanding the collecting community. Maybe a feature on famous house owners past and present on Lake Winnipesauke? I will continue to look forward to interesting articles and great photos. Great job!

Donna Glomski

Where's the Capital Region?
Thanks for your terrific spotlight on Concord in your “Weekender” section [February 2014]. On the other hand, don't you think it’s a little strange that you don’t have a selection of restaurants in our state capital in your Dine Out section? I mean, what about when Hillary or other personages come to Concord? Where do you think we eat around here?

We love Angelina’s for Italian and the Granite Bar is tops, but sometimes I’m looking for something new and I’m sure there are options unexplored. And what about in surrounding towns, like the High Street Farmhouse in Goffstown? I think you need a new, albeit small section titled "Capital Region."

Kristen Johnson

Editor’s Note: The Capital Region is included as part of the Merrimack Region in our Dine Out section, but your point is well-taken that visitors to each of the towns along the southern stretch of I-93 could use their own dining guide. We do have a much more complete listing available online.

Getting Known
I just saw your wonderful review [“Bookshelf,” March 2014] and wanted to thank you. I am in an odd place in life having moved here to Webster in 2009. In New York, where I have lived nearly my entire life, I was poet laureate of Suffolk County, the eastern half of Long Island, with a population 200,000 — greater than the entire state of New Hampshire. I was well known there to readers of poetry but also to my patients. I practiced dentistry there for 26 years. I came to New England to accept a faculty position at Boston University's School of Dental Medicine and recently retired to make a life with my wife Karen in this beautiful, magical place.

As a writer, it has been strange being entirely unknown. The lovely words you wrote about me will help a great deal to bring what I do to the people I have chosen to live among for the rest of my life. I am very grateful.

Dan Moran

Memories of Black Ice
I grew up in one of the the buildings behind that photo of the Lower School pond [“Black Ice,” February 2014], and I had a hockey stick by the time I was 3 years as did all boys and girls (“fac brats”). How was the black ice maintained on the pond that had five full rinks on it? With a team of two Belgian horses that pulled a blade angled at +/-45 degrees, up and down the length of the rinks.

I remember one year when one of those huge horses crashed through the ice — fortunately near the edge and it was winched up with, what seemed to us, a swing set contraption. The horses lived on the St. Paul's School farm up the road from the pond. Ice hockey was the winter sport. There were teams for every student at whatever level — and SPS, as you know, defeated everyone.

My sister sent me this article. Thank you for giving me some beautiful memories of a long time ago (1950s), when to stay on the ice all day on the weekends was wonderful even at minus 15-20 degrees. Doesn’t happen any more. We got on the ice shortly after Thanksgiving and made bets to see how close to April Fool's day you could still get on. We just got >20 inches of snow, so it feels like SPS of yesteryear! 

Marion Smith
Warren, Conn.

She Really Likes Us

I really like your magazine. I sometimes give them as Christmas or birthday presents! Enjoyed the hamburger articles too. The home improvement section was awesome. What a beautiful back yard.

Thank you New Hampshire Magazine.

Sharon Blake

Editor’s Note: You're welcome.


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