Where To Go Shopping in Milford

This magical town will have you falling in love at first sight

After spending a leisurely afternoon exploring all that Milford has to offer, you might want to order engraved change-of-address cards and call a Realtor. This is a town that has homespun character and a whole lot to love. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Bring oxygen, you’ll be breathless after exploring the 9,000-square-foot Robin’s Egg Eclectic Décor & Antiques. Simply put, if you are looking to give a home character, this place is your home run. Chalk-painted furniture, old windowpanes as dividers, dry sinks, horizontal uses for ladders, dressers, beds; vintage, new, shabby chic and more fill the store.

If it’s antiques you’re interested in, head to New Hampshire Antique Co-op, one of the first group shops in New England, now with more than 200 dealers. It’s like a small village (20,000 square feet!), with Main Street, Market Square, Discovery Barn and more, offering everything from ancient Chinese art to everyday treasures. And that’s not all — there’s fine art in the distinctive Tower and upstairs galleries.

I Do, Again — probably the last words most people would utter after a tumultuous divorce, but sure enough, with time many find their way right back down that rose petal path. This is a bridal consignment shop bursting with trendy gowns ($600-$900) that have only been worn once by finicky and stylish brides. Here you’ll find veils, petticoats, shoes, jewelry and guest wedding wear that could also be used for cocktail parties, candidate fundraisers and the like. Thank-you notes line the walls behind the desk — what does that tell you?

Some people always seem so put together.  A lot of times they simply know where to shop and who to ask for help. The owners of Pastiche Boutique know fashion and how to make just about anyone feel like a million dollars without maxing a credit card. The hand-knit sweaters with chunky mismatched buttons are adorable. Look for “travel” skirts, dresses and slacks that can be rolled into a ball in an overnight bag. If visiting a friend, you’ll find gifts for home décor; if connecting with a “special friend,” you’ll find slow-burning candles and a whole lot of confidence. Indulge.

Walk in to Flip Home Décor by Silly Jilly Designs and you’ll find a warm welcome and a shop full of inspiration. The garden stakes made from recycled glass plates are gorgeous ($45-$85) and some of the wall art is simply laugh-out-loud. Old wooden pallets repurposed into wooden bottle openers, wine racks and decorative American flag motifs are irresistible. Look for locally made farm tables and Adirondack chairs in happy colors.

Lemondrops and Lollipops is the type of store you walk in and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” First of all, this is a candy store and party supply shop. It is also party central and an ever-so-popular birthday venue. Pick out a theme and leave the rest to Laura, the shop’s owner. From balloons to birthday cake to take-home goody bags, it’s all done for you.

Robin’s Egg Eclectic Décor & Antiques

It’s a whole new game when it comes to becoming a new mother these days and, in today’s busy world, finding the latest and safest baby items is a challenge. Stork Organic Baby Boutique is like sprinkling fairy dust on your changing table. Gone are all the plastic items, now replaced with natural woods and organic fibers. Look for baby rattles, cloth diapers, stainless steel bottles ($13.95) and more. The Natursutten all-natural pacifier is a big seller. The Bobux soft-sole baby shoes are adorable.

Here’s a new concept — you shop all day and come home to a whiner. Surprise the other half with a trip to The Engine House; it’s a toy box for big boys who like riding lawn mowers, loud leaf blowers, snow blowers, chainsaws, rototillers and anything that requires gasoline. It’s an education in all things red and yellow. Most enjoyable is overhearing conversations where the man of the house tries to convince the other half that 3,000-5,000 dollars for something that cuts grass is a deal!  

Enough shopping? Head to the Union Coffee Co. for a lovely classic cup of coffee, Their house blend is balanced in flavor, heavy in body and satisfying. The shop is totally welcoming.

What? Wait a minute, he got the riding lawn mower? Park your pity party at the Pasta Loft; sip an ice-cold martini and savor an order of steamed mussels. This is a great place to relax, enjoy great food and wiggle out of a bad mood.

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