What’s Old Becomes New

Featured Shop – New Hampshire Antique Co-op, Milford
When New Hampshire Antique Co-op decided to expand they built a large steeple, and there’s a reason for that. The Hackler family wanted to create the sense of an old New England meeting place, where people gather – and they have and do. Under the steeple and pitched roof you’ll find a mini village complete with a Main Street and storefronts. Window shopping doesn’t get any better than this. We spoke to Jason Hackler, one of the co-owners.What makes New Hampshire Antique Co-op different?Well, there is such a wide range of products in this 20,000-square-foot building featuring over 200 venders. You’ll find kitchen vintage collectibles to 18th-century high boys. You can come in and find a great object for $5 or $50,000. A lot of people think antiques are dirty and full of cobwebs and that is not true. Antiques retain their value and we are seeing our business continue to grow.What are most people collecting?I’m not seeing any particular trends because we have so much diversity in the shop. We are selling a lot of paintings, and good 18th- and 19th-century furniture.If someone has a piece and they don’t know what it is or what it is worth, may they come in and get an appraisal?Yes, of course, with four generations of us in this business for as many years as we have been here, we will usually know what it is and its value or we know someone else who would. We give free, verbal appraisals.Wear Your PersonalityCynthia Designs Studio, 503 Central Ave., Dover is about as close to a magic wand as you can expect.Owner Cynthia Rothbard is known by discerning brides throughout the Seacoast area for her exquisite tailoring and custom-made wedding dresses. Her shop features dresses and skirts both casual and couture, depending on your mood. Rothbard has a way of merging different fabrics and textures to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’re a button collector you’ll find terrific buttons from the 20s, 30s and ’40s. This is a laid-back design studio and Rothbard works behind her sewing machine to keep up with the demands of her clientele. Online shopping available.Visit www.cynthiadesignsonline.net or call (603) 343-1001.Does Your Steak Bomb?Try some magic dust from Dunbarton Dave’s Fine Spice Blends, Concord.Here is where you’ll find magical blends of herbs and spices (mostly home grown) from smoky to “!@&*” hot! The Labor Day Beef Marinade can make a blade steak taste almost like a filet.Look for Mellow Smoke Dust, Pulled Pork Dust and Home Fry Trail Dust (kiss the ketchup good-bye). Fine spice blends include marinades, rubs and cooking spices. Looking for an endorphin rush to blast you into space? You can actually dare Dave to come up with a custom blend.Visit www.dunbartondaves.com or call (603) 724-9910.You heard it here first, Dunbarton is about to get famous.Bling on a StringNuArt Jewelry is a local line of jewelry that is fast becoming in demand for local gift and boutique stores.Artist Nurit Niskala has created a collection of pieces – all hand-made in New Hampshire – that combine color, texture, metals, wires and gems that are simply stunning and affordable. No two pieces look alike and all look like they should be under glass in a museum. Prices range from $8 for earrings to $69 for breathtaking chunky necklaces. The exciting part about NuArt jewelry is that you can buy it at a home party. Niskala will come to your home and display her work to your friends. The bigger the party the farther she will travel.Visit www.nuartjewelry.com or call (603) 437-3456Doggie HeavenFour Your Paws Only, 2506 South Main St., North Conway, is like a pick-up joint for dogs. This entire store is pet friendly. Free Puppy Playgroup every Saturday morning and doggie ice cream socials and other themed parties during the year.The huge collection of Lupine Brand accessories may chew up your wallet. This one-of-a-kind store has an on-site pet bakery featuring treats that look like chocolate-dipped strawberries or doggie bones iced with delicate flowers. You will swear they are for human consumption.This is a Conway destination! If the red flag is out, that means biscuits are in the oven.Visit www.fouryourpawsonly.com or call (800) 327-5957.

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