Top Doctors 2012 Readers' Poll

For the fourth year we asked our readers to nominate doctors in four popular specialty areas. More than 1,000 responded. Here are their picks for top docs and leading physicians.

General Practitioner/Family Practice

Top Vote Getter
Margarita Ochoa-Maya, M.D., C.D.E.
Advanced Health & Wellbeing, PC
196 Bridge Street Suite 103
Manchester, (603) 606-1611

Other Leading Physicians
Concetta Oteri, D.O.
The Wholistic Family Wellness Center
31 Old Nashua Rd.
Amherst, (603) 673-1181

Robert Zinnes, M.D.
Primary Care of Hudson
300 Derry Rd.
Hudson, (603) 886-3979

Melissa Duxbury, M.D.
Primary Care of Hudson
300 Derry Rd., Hudson
(603) 886-3979


Top Vote Getter
Ernest Beale, M.D.
Elliot Hospital
Neonatology Services
One Elliot Way
Manchester, (603) 663-2692

Other Leading Physicians
Everett Lamm, M.D.
Core Pediatrics Exeter
9 Buzell Avenue
Exeter, (603) 772-8900

Gregory W. Kaupp, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Medicine-Pediatrics of Nashua
280 Main Street, Suite 111, Nashua
(603) 889-2847

Linda A. Williams, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Foundation Pediatrics
19 Tyler St., Suite 104, Nashua
(603) 886-5520

Steven P. Loh, M.D.
Core Pediatrics Exeter
9 Buzell Avenue
Exeter, (603) 772-8900


Top Vote Getter
Alyse Kanter, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Generations OB/GYN
10 Prospect St., Suite 402
Nashua, (603) 577-3131

Other Leading Physicians
Mary Jo Montanarella, M.D.
CMC/Elliot Hospital
Dr. Montanarella & Assoc.
30 Canton St.
Manchester, (603) 624-1638

Pamela Stetzer, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G.
Monadnock Community Hospital
Monadnock OB/GYN
454 Old Street Rd.
Peterborough, (603) 924-9444

Gary Wasserman, M.D.
Elliot Hospital/CMC
Manchester OB/GYN
Associates, P.A.
150 Tarrytown Rd.
Manchester, (603) 622-3162


Top Vote Getter
Kristin O’Dell, N.D., P.A.C.
Bedford Natural Medicine
82 Palomino Lane
Bedford, (603) 660-9677

Other Leading Practitioners
Julia Greenspan, N.D.
Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine
18 Ash St., Hollis
(603) 465-2895

Lisa Rothermich, Lic.Ac.
Gentle Currents Wellness Center
330 Portsmouth Ave.
Portsmouth, (603) 436-6883

Christine Kuhlman, N.D., A.P.R.N.
Center for Integrative Medicine
81 Hall St.
Concord, (603) 228-7600

Jaclyn Chase, N.D.
Northeast Center for Holistic Medicine
72 S. River Rd.
Bedford, (603) 647-0600

Reader Stories

We also invited readers to share stories of doctors who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty to help them or a loved one. We received hundreds of stories of New Hampshire doctors who listened when no one else would listen, stuck by a bedside, made house calls or even saved a life. We can't list them all, but here are two doctors who were mentioned over and over again. First is Dr. Ernest Beale, a neonatologist at Elliot Hospital in Manchester. Many readers told us of his dedication and compassion. Second is Dr. Christine Fatterusso, a doctor at the White River Junction VA Medical Center's clinic in Littleton. A number of veterans shared stories of her exceptional level of care.

Dr. Ernest Beale, M.D.

"I have a memory of the unit being really busy. It's 2 a.m. and Dr. Beale is sitting by a bedside with a very sick micro preemie. He never left that child's bedside. He is a very knowledgeable, compassionate, warm and friendly man."

"Dr. Beale is an exceptional doctor. When my son was born he was very sick and needed to be transferred to a Boston hospital. When we returned to Elliot he was still very sick, and Dr. Beale would come in on off days and during his own time to check on him. When it was time for our second transfer, Dr. Beale was the one who took a stand and determined consultations could happen via phone instead of sending us to Philadelphia. His compassion is beyond what words can describe. He is truly an amazing doctor."

"Dr. Beale is a neonatologist in the NICU at Elliot hospital. He cares for our tiny patients with his whole heart. He is not only a phenomenal physician with amazing attention to every small detail, he's amazingly compassionate, and he enjoys his work, He watches over our babies as if they are his own. I've seen Dr. Beale sleeping at the bedside of a sick infant many times. His dedication to his patients is steadfast. There is nobody I would trust more to take care of my own baby. Dr. Beale is an amazing man, and I am honored to nominate him."

~ A nurse lucky enough to work with Dr. Beale 🙂

Dr. Christine Fatterusso, M.D.

"Simply put, she is the reason I am alive today. [Dr. Christine Fatterusso] is an intelligent, caring doctor who has dedicated her life to helping others. The VA is very lucky to have her."

"This is the best care we've had in many years. [Dr. Christine Fatterusso] really knows her patients and I personally cannot wait to see her! She has given me her phone number and e-mail address. This is something that doctors just do not do, except for her. Simply the best doctor in the White Mountains!"

Web Extras! More of your stories about New Hampshire doctors who went above and beyond.

Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya, M.D., C.D.E.

"Dr. Ochoa-Maya is very attentive when you meet with her – you feel like you are the only patient in the office. She doesn't rush to get to the next patient. She cares about your well-being and gives you an opportunity to express your concerns and ask questions. She is very kind, calm and reassuring. You feel well cared for. She designed the beautiful office space to be aligned with her mission and vision of caring for the emotional and physical health and well being of others."

"Dr. Ochoa-Maya is the third Endocrinologist that I have seen and the first one to spend the time really getting to know my medical history and how my hormonal imbalance has affected my physical health. Not only does she advise, she educates and suggests books and websites for me to educate myself. It has been almost a year since I met her and we have made great progress. No more hot flashes or night sweats. My thyroid is better and my vitamin D level is finally normal. She is the kind of doctor everyone deserves to have!"

"Dr. Ochoa-Maya helped get my thyroid disease under control, helped me with my depression and just really showed she cared about what was happening in my life and for my well being. I would recommend her to anyone who needed help with any endocrine issue."

"Dr. Ochoa-Maya takes a total body approach. In the past, doctors have treated my symptoms – Dr. Ochoa-Maya looks for the overall cause."

Robert Zinnes, M.D.

"Dr. Zinnes makes himself available if you're not well, fits you in doesn't make you wait another day or send you somewhere else. He always takes his time with me at my appointment, never rushes you and always ask about other things that may be ailing you. Very proactive in keeping you healthy, takes the time to explain and sends you out with written explanation of what he went over with you. I love my doctor!"

Karen Maynard, M.D.

"Karen Maynard is a wonderful person and an incredible doctor. She provided superior care through my high-risk twin pregnancy and was incredibly supportive through a very difficult post partum period, often going out of her way to make sure I was okay. She took the time to listen to my fears and to comfort me when I needed it. Through this journey she has been a friend, and a doctor/patient relationship like she fosters is hard to find. Karen is by far the best doctor I have ever had and I am very fortunate to have her as my OB/GYN and part of my healthcare team."

Dr. Oteri of The Wholistic Family in Amherst

"Shortly after the birth of my third child two years ago I started getting sick. My symptoms didn't easily point to a particular ailment. Dr. Oteri was determined to find a diagnosis for me, as well as treatment to help me heal. She was able to diagnose me even before a local specialist could. She followed her instincts and helped get me on the road to healing. Two years later, I'm feeling great and thankful that Dr. Oteri was there for me when I needed care. I love her."

"Dr. Oteri is an amazing doctor who always takes the time to listen and is extremely knowledgeable in natural health as well as conventional medicine. She runs her office with warmth and answers e-mails all day so that you don't have to come see her or wait for phone calls when you have questions. She is a gem and worth the 45 minute drive!"

"Dr Oteri is a caring, thorough, respectful, knowledgeable practitioner who provides unmatched care with a warm, sunny personality. She was able to coax my super reluctant 6-year-old out from underneath a chair in the waiting room and into the exam room by getting down on her knees, and going nearly under the chair herself. She spoke with my daughter, not at her, thereby gaining my daughter's trust and affection. She was able to explain in understandable terms why some blood work was important to have drawn, and exactly how the procedure would unfold. My daughter willingly accompanied me to the lab and had her blood drawn without blinking. Afterward she said, 'Dr. Oteri is nice and her has a girl too, like me! She was right, this wasn't that bad!'"

Gregory Kaupp, M.D.

"A couple of years ago I found myself with early stage breast cancer while my husband also had some medical issues of his own. Dr. Kaupp was so supportive of both of us. When either my husband or I had a doctor's appointment with him, we would go together and pretty much bombard Dr. Kaupp with our questions and concerns. Dr. Kaupp was so patient and kind, and never tried to rush us out of his office. I can't say enough how glad my husband and I are that we picked Dr. Greg Kaupp as our family doctor. He is wonderful!"

"Dr. Kaupp is the greatest doctor. He goes above and beyond for our family and takes his time and answers all our questions and always does his best and always takes time making sure my kids are okay – he gives the best advice and we trust him 150 percent. We are so lucky to have him as a doctor and he really cares about his patients!"

Kristin O’Dell, N.D., P.A.C.

"Dr. O'Dell spent an hour with me at my first visit with her to get a full understanding of me and my history. I've never had a doctor spend so much time with me in my life – and she actually listens. I've had a chronic sinus issue for over a year and she really worked with me to determine the root cause instead of just giving me antibiotics or steroids to mask my symptoms. She is amazing. During treatment she gave me her cell phone number in case I needed her at night or over the weekend."

"Dr. O'Dell solves problems other doctors cannot. I had seen more than 15 doctors over the course of 20 years who could not solve what Dr O'Dell did in one finger prick blood test. It turns out that all my horrible problems – from rashes to numbness in my extremities – was due to multiple food allergies. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been thanks to Dr. O'Dell."

"Dr. O'Dell is a fabulously knowledgeable, genuinely caring doctor who looks for solutions and causes rather than prescribing treatment to mask symptoms. I highly recommend her."

"Kristen O'Dell is a doctor that cares takes time and never makes you feel rushed. She makes herself available by phone or by e-mail. Any question is not too small. My family sees Kristen and that will last forever. We value her services and commitment to alternative medicine but never rules out conventional medicine. I trust her and she is my doctor! Thank you Kristen O'Dell. I appreciate you."

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