Tips on Tipping

Love has its many mysteries, but tipping shouldn’t be one of them. They are anticipated in the bridal industry. Not sure who should be tipped and how much to tip them? Here are some general guidelines:

Beauty services: 15%-20%
Caterer: 15%-20% of the food bill
Chauffeurs: 15%-20% of the total bill
Civil ceremony official: Average gratuity is $ 50-$ 75. If travel is required, you may want to add a little extra.
Clergyman, rabbis, priests: $100 donation. If travel is required, add a little extra.
Coatroom attendant/ Washroom attendant: Fifty cents per guest is customary.
Maitre d’: 15-20% of the reception bill. This is usually split up between the waiters and captains.
Musicians: $ 20-$ 40 per musician. This is not required, but is a nice gesture.
Organist: If this fee is not included in the church rental fee, $ 50 is appropriate.
Photographer/ videographer: Up to 15% if an extra service was provided
Valet: .50-$1 per car.

Always check your contracts to see if the gratuity was included in the total. Sometimes this will be referred to as the service fee or service charge. Be sure to put each tip in an envelope and appoint the best man to distribute them. This will give you one less thing to worry about on your special day.