Strategic Stops

Advice for Palin on the path to the presidencyA few months back former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin released a book that was either an attempt to run for president, an attempt to make money or both.But if she pursues the presidency, then she’ll have to become more acquainted with New Hampshire given that we hold the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. So far, Palin has only been to New Hampshire once. During the 2008 campaign she visited Laconia and declared she was happy be in “the great Northwest.” Oops.Political observers have no doubt that she will likely return to the state sometime this year. I thought it would be kind to offer something of a travel guide when she arrives.Café Espresso, Portsmouth: This café in a strip mall near downtown is the famous spot where Hillary Clinton teared up when she was talking about how hard it is for a woman to run for president. Barack Obama’s campaign manager said in that moment Clinton won the state’s primary.Dartmouth College, Hanover: Yes, Dartmouth is part of the Ivy League East Coast establishment. But Dartmouth has long been considered to be one of the most conservative elite colleges in the country. It is home to the famed conservative The Dartmouth Review and boasts prominent conservative alums like Laura Ingraham, Mort Kondracke, Dinesh D’Souza, James Panero and Paul Gigot.Salem High School, Salem: Palin’s day trip to Salem in 2008 easily ranked within the top 10 of state political events in the last decade, and geographically it makes sense to visit again. For all the talk about Massachusetts transplants moving across the border and voting for Democrats, the reality is actually the opposite. The collection of towns in the state’s southern tier along I-93 are the most Republican in the state. This is her base.Pink Sapphire, Bedford: This high-end salon is known in political circles as the place where John Edwards got that $400 haircut. This is the perfect place to get prepped before a Fox News interview.Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey: Granted there are fewer Republicans as a percentage in Cheshire County than any other, but Palin can stress her Alaskan love for nature with a trip to the country’s most-hiked mountain. But for a woman who can see Russia from her back yard, the view of all six New England states at the summit may not be that impressive.Thomson Family Tree Farm, Orford: If there is a conservative home anywhere in the state it might be this 2,400 acre tree farm in Grafton County. The tree farm is owned and operated by the family of another headline-grabbing, conservative former governor, Mel Thomson. One warning: Mel’s son Tom endorsed Mitt Romney last time around.Exeter Inn, Exeter: At a secret meeting in 1853, Amos Tuck asked some other anti-slavery men to join him at a meeting. Tuck then suggested they form a new political party and call themselves Republicans. At a time when Palin said she is concerned about the Republican Party’s future, she could give a speech on that subject where the party began.As of this writing there were no plans for Palin to visit the state. However, the 2010 moose hunting season is from Oct. 16-24, right around the time of the mid-term elections. NH

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