Quarantine Concerts

  • The New Hampshire Magazine Cubicle is dark. Due to social distancing and the order to stay at home as much as possible, live music – including our ongoing project – is taking a bit of a hit. However, with the help, talent and can-do attitude of New Hampshire and Granite State-connected musicians, the music will continue.

    Are you a New Hampshire-based musician planning a livestream performance? Do you have one recorded or archived that you want to share? We want to help spread the word.

  • We don't know if people will leave you a tip, but go ahead and share your Venmo and Paypal user names and URLs, if you'd like. We'll make a note of your Virtual Tip Jar.
  • Let's get some eyeballs on your music. Share with us your Facebook Live URL or let us know when you'll be performing (date and time).
  • Got a horizontal photo? Go ahead and update it and we can use it with your video (if you don't submit a photo, then we'll just grab a still shot from your video)