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A Word From the Founders
It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed since David and I published our first of many magazines (to our knowledge the first desktop-published magazine) Nashua Magazine in October/November of 1988. Network Publications was born. It began with one computer, a Mac Plus, and a mouse in the basement of our home in Nashua.

Shortly thereafter we purchased Manchester Magazine from Don Madden. A further expansion, Concord and the North and Hampshire East, were done. We utilized selective binding for all four magazines — one section common to all and one section dedicated to the areas that the magazine covered. In 1996 we combined the magazines into one statewide publication, New Hampshire Editions.

We also produced many inserts, i.e. Nashua Century, The World Trader, Destination NH, New Hampshire Legacy, The New Hampshire Guide to the Internet and many others that were placed inside the magazine and also run separately for distribution.

Beginning in 1991 we produced many successful published projects and special sections such as Downtown Manchester Revitalization, Pease Tradeport, NH Public TV, Hanover Hill, McKerly, Sowerbys, Daniel Webster Council, Tri-City Expo, to name a few. Besides creating the magazines, we had our own in-house advertising agency, Almus and Lee Communications, which was not only responsible for creating ads and designing the magazine, but also had many clients for whom they created ads, advertising campaigns and web pages.

We were one of the very first to realize the potential and future of the Internet, registering and many other Internet domain names. The website is still one of the best representations of all that is good in New Hampshire.

When we first started, banks wouldn't loan to us, a startup company, but especially not to a magazine that had such a high possibility of failure. In the early years we had to cash in our retirement accounts, sell our stocks and refinance our home. Finally it was necessary to use credit cards to make payroll.

The initial years were very difficult, but by the mid-1990s we had turned it around, and in 1998 sold Network Publications magazines, Almus and Lee Communications and to McLean Corporation, which also owned The Telegraph. That year they produced a 10th Anniversary Edition. McLean was eventually able to register the name, New Hampshire Magazine, after they purchased it. They switched the contents from business to lifestyle and recently sold it to Yankee Publishing. To still be in business after 25 years is a great accomplishment in the magazine industry.

We remember so fondly the people who worked those difficult years making sacrifices in terms of long work hours, family time and low salaries. Without them, there would not have been a magazine. Just to mention a few of the dedicated people such as Woody Woodland, Sandi Daine, June Zeiner, Al Belote, Lynne Guimond, Rick Broussard, Kate Binder, Megan Thompson, Matthew Gregg and others too numerous to list. They believed in our dreams and the creative atmosphere that flourished.

We thank all of the wonderful people who worked with us and remember our hectic, creative and wonderful days together.

Patricia and David Gregg

Editor's Note: While looking back on the origins of this magazine, it's a chance to note a sad passing that just occurred. Don Madden, who created both Manchester Magazine (mentioned above) and the NH Business Review, which was later purchased by McLean Communications, died on Sept. 29, just a month shy of his 85th birthday after a rich life that included decades in the publishing industry. 

Church Supper Solution
Your article on church suppers in the October 2013 magazine reminded me of a common problem and its solution. Before moving to NH, we resided in Westboro, Mass., where at the time I was on the finance committee of the United Methodist Church of Westboro. We were struggling with two-tier pricing for church dinners. Not only were these dinners a fundraising event, they were also focused on a number of elderly living within walking distance to the church.  It was very important to provide the elderly with a good meal at a very reasonable cost, but also provide a night out and social event at the same time. 

It was agreed that the lower price for the meal should include the elderly but also children. When it came to children and age cutoff was heatedly discussed without any general agreement. Someone hit on the perfect solution that resulted in the standard — reduced price for those under 50 pounds and/or over 65 years of age. To prevent possible problems over the weight issue, a physicians type scale was located adjacent to the ticket seller.

For several years before escaping to NH, this system worked beautifully and I don’t remember a single person getting on the scale. 

Bob Dahlquist

She Hearts NH
My name is Cristal and my husband and I recently moved to Portsmouth from Virginia. Although we have only been here since May and have not experienced the famed New England winter yet, we have already fallen in love with this beautiful state. I was glad to find such a great magazine to help me become better acquainted with my new home, and even more glad to have a chance to win local prizes!

Cristal Butler

It's Lisbon for Now
Enjoyed a great two months over there at the cabin in New Hampshire. Photographed my first close-up black bear in the yard! Love the article on the birches from August issue. Would love to see a calendar of events (a little more detailed) as I am missing the ToDo Magazine. You all do a wonderful job with the articles. I am in San Antonio, Texas, at the moment. Spent the summer at our place in Lisbon, NH, and will return there the end of September for a while. We will be moving from Texas to North Carolina soon (getting closer to NH) — so I don't know where my hometown is! You can put Lisbon, NH, I guess. Can't wait to be in NH for good.   

Lyn Scott

Success At Last
I found the newts on pages 21 Tapping Portsmouth ad, 38 Parade of Homes, 71 The Farm Bar & Grille and 96 Taste of Concord ad. My favorite part of the magazine is looking for the newts.  This is the first time I have been able to find them as soon as I receive my magazine in the mail.  I also love looking for different events and activities I can do with my 80-year-old father. Thank you for providing so much entertainment and enjoyment.

Tammy Thivierge

Right to the Point
Not a big beer fan but I enjoyed learning about the beers crafted here in the Granite State ["Beer Guide," October 2013].

John Bolton

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